The dance lessons I never took

When I was little, my family lived out in the country. We were 15 minutes from the town I call my hometown, and that was a two-light town that really didn't even need that second light.When I was in second grade, I signed up for twirling lessons only to have to drop out before the first class even happened. Both of my parents worked, and there was no way to "catch a ride" with anyone after class because, well, we just lived too far away....more
Do it -- I started social folk dance after college to get myself out of the house during a slump ...more

How did I get here? -- Filing for bankruptcy

As anyone who is facing bankruptcy asks:  How did I get here?It's fairly easy for me to see the chain of events that lead to here.It started in college, which credit cards equaled money. I knew better, but I'd never tasted the punishment of it. I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I got out of college, and found all my paychecks going to pay back my debts. I'd gotten myself in deep enough that no one would even give me a consolidation loan to make it easier for me to dig my way out. ...more