Thanksgiving Fun!

Now that we're into November, I can start looking forward to Thanksgiving - one of my favorite times of the year!  Was skimming through a magazine the other day, and came across some Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving-ish activities that seemed like simple fun.  One of my favorites was the pumpkin/gourd decorating.  All you need is a pumpkin or gourd and an old magazine.  Cut out different parts of the face (eyes, noses, ears, lips...etc) and then glue them to the pumpkins to give them silly faces!  The examples that were shown were super cute, and I thought it was a nice

Let's get to know eachother!

My name is Dominique.  I am new to BlogHer.  I have been married for a year and a half and have a 10 month old son.  I am a writer and non-profit organizer going for my master's in education.  And I would love to hear if any of you have some good games, activities or places that will entertain mylittle one and have him experience new things.

One Year Olds?

Okay, you might laugh at me, but I am looking for activities for mature 1 year olds.  I have my son and two babies that I watch and I love it!  But I am looking for more.  These are very mature kids tat are all walking (sometimes running!) and have some words.  They are all advanced physically so we are open to physical games.  We do all of the normal things - put things in the mouth, play in the mirror, take walks and explore all of the leaves, etc, build towers, play dolls, and a lot more...

Acrylic Paint: Yes or No for Youngsters?

Been doing some research on acrylic paint, to make a decision as to whether or not it's a good idea for young kids to use it for arts and crafts.  So far, I've read mixed reviews.  If anyone has any opinions and/or insights on the subject, I'd be glad to hear them!

Summer reading plans?

Do you have any summer reading plans? Are you doing a reading challenge? Working your way through a series? Tackling the classics?

Writing inspiration

Writing inspiration is one of the more common topics for those of us interested in creative writing. Each of us are different on where we find inspiration for what might or will be the next subject with which we frame and tell a story.

Favorite Kid's Craft

What is the neatest kid's craft you've ever seen or tried?

little to no cost fun

What type of things do you and your family do that are free or no cost?  Park? picnic?   Michelle~aka~Mom

Are 3D Movies too Expensive?

I've written a couple of posts on two different sites about the higher price of an admission ticket to watch a 3D movie. According to the latest 3D hit "Monsters vs. Aliens", families were more than willing to pay more for this type of family outing.