Packing for Summer Beach Vacation (Summer 2013)

I am bursting with excitement about my upcoming summer vacation. There are so many things that I want to buy and pack into my luggage for my trip end of this month! Read more here. ...more

Eye Makeup For This Season: Blue and Green

The azure and emerald shades are gathering a lot of heat this summer season. Here are all the different shades and products that you can use for your peepers! ...more

Polka Dot Print Dress Buying Tips

I wonder if it is fashionably accurate to refer to Polka Dots as a classic? They hardly ever go out of style. Even if they do, I’m pretty sure that they will be back with vengeance a short while later. However, the truth is not everyone wears this classic pattern well. Why do some people looks so gorgeous and trendy in polka dot dresses, while others look frumpy in similar (but not the same) frocks? 1. Size does matter: Check your Dots!...more

Bridal Inspirations from the Red Carpet (SAG Awards, Grammys, BAFTA, Golden Globes etc)

It has indeed been a while since I touched on something bridal. But I couldn't resist.. there are so many bride ideas from the recent awards season. Asymmetrical Hemline and High Slits Charlize Theron and her Dior dress is definitely one of my recommended pin-up inspirations for your wedding! ...more

Quick Fashion Takes For Spring Summer 2012 - As seen on NYFW

The recent Spring/Summer NYFW didn't really serve that many surprises. Trend wise, floral prints, clean lines and bright shades such as coral, tangerine, yellow and turquoise look set to take the stage next Spring. This is a good sign, right? Nothing radical, which means what we have in our wardrobes are likely to still be fashion forward in 2012! 1. Simplicity with a dash of colour ...more

Style Icon of the Corporate Ladies – Olivia Palermo (Office Chic)

Having been a cubicle rat for several years, I have learned that looking classy, fashionable and serious for the office is no mean feat. Many people often dismiss corporate wear as boring and stifling. Many ladies also stick to the safe haven - by wearing black most of the time. Indeed it seems hard to juggle sartorial sense when your professionalism is on the table but I thought it's time all of us get some inspiration for our office wardrobe with reference from Olivia Palermo! ...more

2012 Bag Trends: What's your Color?

The Spring Summer Fashion Week has finally come to a close. Come next year, it seems that bag colours are going bright and bold. Perhaps it's time to whisper a temporary farewell to your usual black or brown handbags and start investing in yellow, orange, green or other vivid shades! Yellow Fever (from left) Bottega Veneta, Chloé ...more
I must be old-school. It has never occurred to me carry a black or brown handbag in the spring ...more

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2012

Some of you might know that I am a late bloomer when it comes to shoes. Well, because of my height, I have been wearing flats for the bulk of my life. I switched to wearable heels some 5 years ago. ...more

Party Hairstyles for the Bob

After posting the ponytail and chignon hairstyle videos, I received some feedback that we should discuss how to style shorter hair length. And given that we are now at the year-end festive season, I have invited Stylistry to interpret possible party hair-dos for the bob style. ...more