Sorry, Not Sorry

A few months after Bella was diagnosed with autism, I was on the phone with my health...more

Dumb Stuff I Have Bought on Amazon (and One Really Cool Thing)

Do you want to know the main reason Christmas gets on my nerves? ...more

I Lie to My Daughter About Santa and I Mostly Blame the Tooth Fairy

Our family’s relationship with Santa can best be described as “tense.” ...more

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s no secret in my house or amongst anybody who has ever met me that I am not a great cook. ...more

Movie Night

Friday nights are a big deal around these parts. ...more

Mostly Bass, Some Treble

Guys, I’m not fat. ...more

The Extreme Highs and Lows of Hamster Ownership

We’ve decided to expand our family. Last week, Phaedra began campaigning hard for a pet bunny. ...more

Missed Connections

Please take the bracelet, Bella, just take the bracelet… I watched as Phaedra, after making a heartfelt speech, slid the blue plastic bracelet across the mattress to Bella, who lay hiding underneath her blanket on the top bunk. ...more