Please Don’t Make Me Send My Kids Back to School

You guys, there’s trouble brewing. via GIPHY I’ve sensed it for awhile, but lately it seems to be more and pressing, more ominous. The stores started taking on a different look — less umbrellas and swimsuits, more apples and pencils ....more

#BuyThisBook: Realizing River City

Welcome back to another edition of #BuyThisBook, where I write mediocre book reviews about the books my friends have written that I also happen to really like! This week, we’re going to talk about Realizing River City, a memoir written … Continue reading → The post #BuyThisBook: Realizing River City appeared first on 649.133 ....more

Farewell Children, I’m Showering

Dear Children: Since I’ve already said good night to each one of you during a process that takes, at best, close to two hours from start to completion, you probably already know that I’m currently in the shower (or, at … Continue reading → The post Farewell Children, I’m Showering appeared first on 649.133 ....more

#BuyThisBook: I Just Want to Be Perfect

Hey hey hey guys! Remember me? Janel? ...more

Not Sometime, but Now

Hello everyone! Here I am with my annual stump speech for the BlogU conference! If you’re not a blogger, just someone that comes here because you enjoy mediocre humor and frequent profanity, feel free to skip this post ....more

Preschool Senioritis

Look at this adorable little thing. ...more

Welcoming 2016, or “What Fresh Hell is This?!”

Why hello, everyone! Did you miss me? I missed you, and definitely gave a thought to writing something new for you this fall, in between bites of Halloween candy, kick-ass turkey (THAT I COOKED MYSELF WHUT WHUUUUUUT), and sugar cookies … Continue reading → The post Welcoming 2016, or “What Fresh Hell is This?!” appeared first on 649.133 ....more

Picture Day

I’m not very picky about most things as a mom. ...more

Kindergarten, Here She Comes

We watch Bella walk around her new kindergarten classroom, where she’ll spend her school days beginning next week. ...more