Hi, My Name is Janel, and I’m Asking For Your Vote.

Okay, everybody, it’s time for some real talk. I love Target. ...more


Surrey is a tough kid. ...more

Tips and Advice from a Professional Flower Girl Wrangler

As a mother to three small adorable girls, I have certain duties and responsibilities. ...more

KidzBop is Slowly Destroying My Soul

Every parent has a list of things that they swore they would never do when they had children. ...more

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of His Year

My kids are going camping this week with Grandma. ...more

My First Celebrity Interview!

Phaedra is a 27 year old woman trapped in a seven-year-old’s body. ...more

The Milk Challenge

So, I tried to spin this story as some sort of lesson, but let me just be honest with you from the beginning: this is a strictly a funny story about the time my friends and I tried to drink … Continue reading → ...more

I Made the Worst Haul Video in the History of Haul Videos

After I had kids, my grandma would always sign my birthday cards with “spend this on...more

Parent Like There’s No One Watching

My friend told me once that I could find the silver lining in anything. ...more

It’s Been Real, Diapers.

Once again, it’s time to experience that ancient parent-child ritual that’s such a joy for all parties involved: potty training. I really take issue with the phrase “potty training”, because so far, despite guiding three children through this particular patch … Continue reading → ...more