I like making plans with you!...maybe one day you'll show up!

It’s like that old episode of Seinfeld when Jerry went to pick up the rental car that he had reserved but there wasn’t one there for him. He explained what the word “reservation” meant and they said, “We know what the word reservation means sir.” He replied, “I don’t think you do!”… ...more

Whoa…What a Mess!

Let’s just say that I drove my sister and my one year old nephew home this weekend and there’s so much food in my back seat that I will likely need to sell the car. I know that it sounds a bit extreme…but we all know that I’m a single girl with no children…AND…I am a bit extreme!… The thing is that though I took care of a baby for one of my other sisters’ way back, I had forgotten how darn messy babies are....more

You- Over there…The one who can’t stand me!

I have to wonder why some of us try so hard to get people who aren’t worth our time to like us. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone out of my way to prove to someone that they should want to be my friend. Why the heck?…Sometimes people just don’t like me…wait…no. That’s not true. I’m very likable. I’m friendly, smart, funny…they must be confused. I’m sure they like me but just don’t know it yet!… “Here! I made you some brownies.”, “Here! I wrote you a poem.”, “Here! I’ll give you my car.” ...more

Thank you for posting this.  It made me laugh - becuase it was just funny AND ...more

Why Am I Not Meeting "the One?"

So many of us wonder why we aren't meeting "the one". Many of us even get angry about it. "She found someone. Why can't I?"..."Look at her. She uglier than me"...Okay...So that's not very nice, but you have to at least hear me a little bit on this. I had been completely alone for years and years. My constant complaint was that I "never met anyone good." Days have turned to months have turn to years. I have run into countless people with the same story. People have repeatedly set me up with "someone who would be perfect" for me....more

Heh. I think we lived the exact same in-our-twenties-experience.  The second of my long ...more

That’s not in your character!

I find it very interesting that people form opinions about others from what they have in their own mind of who they should be!…I’ll elaborate: When Friday comes along, I do a fun little joke striptease for the secretaries in my office. It brightens their day. It’s not like I take anything off and it is clearly nothing sexy by any means…it’s just a joke that sets up a fun weekend. Well!...more

The Self-Pity Trilogy

I have recently been receiving daily depressing emails from a family member. I’m not sure what the point is as they contain things like, “You are so lucky that you have no life and that you are alone…”, “I have canceled Christmas”, “I will just sit here and wait to die!”…um…nice!...more

Uh...I think that the chicken is fine...

I had to get dressed up to go to the grocery store the other day. I know it sounds crazy but my old grocery store chain in my neighborhood that I used to be able to go to in my pajamas, got sold and apparently they don’t carry chicken- or eggs anymore. That sort of answered the age-old question of which came first though – butter. The last time I went in there, I noticed a creamy dessert looking thing smashed into a plastic container. On the label it said, “Miscellaneous by weight!” Oh good! Get me two of those!...more

This was perfect, comparing picking chicken to picking a relationship!  The good thing ...more

What Do Single People Do to make Holidays Special?

The holidays are upon us again and I hear from people all the time that "Holidays suck!"...I hate to hear this, but I have to say that sometimes I do feel that way.  Being a single woman in her 30's with no children, I often find myself chasing the excitement I felt during the holidays as a child!  I grew up in a fantasy land and though I am fully aware that most people will tell me that you can never recapture that childhood feeling, I still want to find something to make this time of year special!  Of course we'd all love to ride off into a snow storm through the city stree...more

Here Come the Love Holidays!

Well! Here they come…the holidays are on their way. I have a friend that says that guys won’t start dating near the holidays so there is no pressure on them to buy a gift!...more

A Cigarette? In the Gym Parking lot?

I walked out of the gym last night, just in time to see one of the people who had just finished his workout, light up a cigarette. What?…Geez…it gave me an idea. I thought, “Yeah. I need to get that stick of butter out of my glove compartment and eat it on the way home…cause it just seems logical.”…Come on people! Do we have any sense in our heads at all?...more