On The Rebound

Alternate Title: Your Friend Is An Asshole Who Has a Hidden Agenda Based on Their Own Fear.Alternate Title: I'm Tired of Writing Blog Posts About People Who Are Bad Friends...more



Voter Registration Day: I've Been Registered for Years, But a Kansas Clerk Turned Me Away

September 22 is National Voter Registration Day. I never thought my right to vote would be affected. Find out how you can sign up to exercise your rights....more
CarlPederson You're a man.  How many times has your last name changed?  It's not easy having to ...more

What My Momma Taught Me About Sexual Orientation

I’ve never written about this, so I am going to need lots of love and encouragement. I have no doubt there are going to be some haters. There always are. More than anything I sense my growing fear is the rejection of those people that I like and care about… but with authenticity comes risk, so here goes....more