My Family Found out I Blog About Sex

The problem with not discussing sex is that it makes us into islands, alone in the task of learning about sexual health, preventing pregnancy, understanding the nature of your desires, and how to enjoy these and our bodies in a healthy way in the context of our relationships. Talking about sex matters and doing it on a blog opens up the audience. But what happens when your family finds out? ...more

I don't know you, your mother, or your father, but right now I love the three of you so much! more

Why I Made A Kid-Free List On Twitter (And What Happened When I Did)

Creating my kid-free list seemed innocent enough to me at the time. I tend to swim in a sea that seems primarily comprised of mommybloggers and daddybloggers, and I was suddenly possessed of the urge to find and collect those out there who fit my particular demographic: people over 30 who do not have children. I intended nothing political by or pre-supposing about it. I simply had the very human desire to see myself reflected out in the world. ...more


I'm child-free by choice, but now I'm raising someone else's teenager (my sister's), ... more

Sex and the Saxophonist

I almost had sex one night with a young, sexy saxophone player. It all began with a little IM sex. OK to be honest, it was more like IM foreplay. Either way, the IMing almost led to real-live sex, with a real-live sexy sax player. It would have been smoking hot too, if only he had a car instead of a bike; and by bike, I don’t mean a bad ass Harley or a racy Ducati, I mean a bi-cy-cle. As in a bike -- that you pedal -- like when your 15 year old boyfriend wants to bike over so you can make-out on your parents couch, that kind of bike. ...more

A bike -- environmentally friendly, good for the muscles and heart, bicycle -- is a ... more

My Son Doesn't Speak, So I've Learned to Read Him

My son doesn’t speak so I’ve learned to read him in other ways. I know which giggles are meaningful and which are just manic tics. I know his joyous squeals and grumpy whines. I know his attempts at sign language, when he is really trying to tell me something or just going through the motions because he knows he is supposed to. ...more

I'm so glad you have each other. more

On Lupus and the Spoon Theory

Spoons. Spoons from across the world arrived in my mailbox today. I wept. It is hard for me to put into words what this means to me. Some of you are probably saying... spoons? Erin... what the hell? ...more

How wonderful. I feel the same web of support around me in my cancer journey, and I'm so glad ... more

My Daughter Says I Gave Her the Gift of Sarcasm

Maj is incredulous, “Really, Mother? This seems like a reasonable punishment to you? Really?” I glare at her, “Really, Maj. Really. Go apologize to your sister.” She stomps away, “Fine. But I was just being sarcastic. No one understands my gift of sarcasm.” I call after her, “Yes, well I hope you like that gift a lot, because it may be the only one you are getting!” ...more

Oy. I'm sure they'll work it out. Still, oy. more

Week 1: Explore and Win a BlogHer ’11 Conference Pass

In September, we introduced you to the new design. We are thrilled by the enthusiastic feedback we've received. Since then, we've continued to make improvements (with more to come in 2011). We'd love for you to dig in to and tell us what you think. And since it is the season to give, we also want to offer you a chance to win some great prizes after you've taken a twirl around the site. Each week until the end of the year, we’ll be offering a chance at a fabulous prize for your feedback! ...more

I had such a wonderful time at BlogHer Food, and my mom is in San Diego; I'd love to go! more

BlogHer Food '10 schedule

Getting down to the wire. Here's my personal plan for BlogHer Food '10 attendance. Hope to see some of you there! Friday:  8:30am Day One Breakfast 9:15am Welcome, featuring BlogHer founders, Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone 10:00am Visuals - Food Photography for Food Bloggers: How to capture your best photo in restaurants and your home kitchens  11:15am Demos and Sampling One 12:00pm Lunch: Innovator Interview: Dominique Crenn  1:30pm Values - Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking and Health  ...more

Oh, yeesh, that'll teach me to skip preview.


Working Women With Disabilities

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Let's look at blogs out there by women about disability and work! Patricia E. Bauer hits right on target as usual: President urges employers to welcome workers with disabilities. I'm all for that. Here's a quote from President Obama's Proclamation: ...more

How did I not comment on this the first time around? Anyway, I have a co-worker whose job it is, ... more

From the Jury Box - "Voir Dire"

Nobody wants to do it. I certainly didn’t, especially after enduring the first few hours of jury selection, a process so insistently repetitive, so oppressively tedious as to produce a powerful narcotic effect in us trapped, helpless potential jurors awaiting the resumption of our lives. I actually heard someone say, “I never thought I’d want to go back to work this bad.”...more

Hang in there. more