Why, Oh Why, Won't My Kid Swim?

The little angel is not a born fish. She, in fact, hated putting her head under the water with the force of North Korea until just recently. As a toddler, she went through a phase in which she refused to sit in the bathtub. So instead, she stood there. Screaming. And screaming. And screaming. While we frantically hosed her off and patted her head down with a washcloth instead of washing her hair. Because of the screaming. ...more

I like Sassymonkey was also a late swimmer. I actually didn't properly learn until I was in ... more

Are Computers and Technology Still a Man's Domain?

So are there really more men experts in the computing field or does it just seem that way? That question is part of an ongoing and raging debate about women in technology. From women missing as top speakers at technology conferences to little girls shunning computers for something less boring is male dominance in the field a reality or an illusion? ...more

When I was at school, (yes, I know it is a long time ago now!), I was the only girl in the ... more