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Kathleen Melton


MeetKathleen Melton

author, speaker, woman, stay-at-home mom and working mom (which isit?), friend, avid life explorer, sister, amateur photographer, daughter, petowner, culture critic, girlfriend, volunteer, parenting partner, entrepreneur,home owner, health nut, alphabet lover, and humorist, Kathleen Melton.

KathleenMelton is continually inspired by what just a few words can mean to somany.  She strives to find theextraordinary moments in an ordinary life and the ordinary moments in extraordinarycircumstances.  From taking a minivan to the Academy Awards to the rush of gratitude at being able to pick up achild from school, Kathleen’s ability to relate a story that touches many is agift that crosses generations, genders, and cultures. 

Herwriting style is engaging, clear and omniscient.  She seeks to learn about, talk about, and write about thelittle moments that make life whole, about the moments that we all face, thatwe hope to face, and that we long to never face.  With disarming candor, she shows us the threads that tie usall together and the pain, joy, sorrow and glee at the cutting, breaking,stretching and repairing of those threads.

 Kathleen's book, Scraps - If Life’s’ Bits and Pieces are theUltimate Fortune, Shouldn’t I Be a Millionaire By Now?  is abook for any parent, spouse, daughter or friend who needs validation of theirdaily life in today’s world. Where we fail to find the rewards in thevicissitudes (which are the unexpected things life throws at us) Scrapsdoesn’t.  It is entertaining andartful with intriguing and humorous episodes that explore our every day modernexperiences, ultimately offering up an insightfulness that makes sense of itall.


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