The Intimacy and the Cost of Blogging

They say radio is the most intimate of all types of media. If you listen to a lot of talk radio (NPR junkies represent) as I do, I suspect you know on a personal level what that means. Distinctive voices heard day after day from the clock radio alarm, during commutes, while cooking supper, lulling a listener to sleep. Somehow, those voices begin to take on meaning in our lives...they become good, comfortable friends like no television personality can. ...more
I think deciding that there's an obligation to one's blog readers begs the question of what ... more

That's Longer Than Any of My Relationships Lasted

Today is my five year blogging anniversary. My total pageviews are very low. According to the stats, only a handful of people read the blog, and then not every post. A few of them comment. I thank those readers and comment-leavers very much....more
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Some things are just wrong: Cesar Romero as a sort-of-cockney traveling gymnast in baggy tights

So I was watching Julia Misbehaves, a 1948 movie starring Greer Garson and Mr. Wooden Face himself, Walter Pidgeon. I hate Walter Pidgeon. I always want to stick a hat pin into his behind to see if the shock and pain would bring any expression to his immobile features. "Oh, god, Walter Pidgeon! Why was he a big star?" I said to the dog....more
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A Cause for Bewilderment (poem)

When you look out from where you are to where you will goand you see clear as day the monsters on the patheach one waiting for its turnto backhand you across the face with a clawed handand knock you to the groundand plant one massive footthe better to hold you in placewhile it uses its teethto rip mouthfuls of your fleshand spit them out againbecause this is not about butcheringit's about butchery oh, and they laughdon't forget the ...more
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The Truth About Childless Women

Nearly 46 percent of American women through age 44 are childless. That's up from 35 percent in 1976....more

The title of this entry "The Truth About Childless Women" makes it seem as though the post is ... more

Don't Change the Schedule . . .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011   Don't Change the Schedule . ....more

It must be so hard to make yourself be impolite. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't dream ... more

Easier Said Than Done . . .

Sunday, December 19, 2010 Does My Nine Day Stay in the Hospital Count as a Break From Mom . ....more

Best wishes.

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In limbo

It occurs to me that I probably started this blog a little too early in the game... ...more

Decluttering is a big topic right now. You'll probably do a bit of that now that you'll be ... more

I peed my pants. I literally peed. on. myself.

Whomp, there it is.  Me, in all my glory.  This is what my life has come to.  Two degrees, small business owner, wife and mother of 2, and now I will only be known as The Urinator.  I accept defeat WORLD!! YOU WIN!  I peed the fight right out of me.  How did I find myself in such a situation, you ask?  Well, pardon the pun but it all started because I was pissed.  Literally and figuratively.  Let's take a look back, shall we?...~cue wobbly screen and Mike Meyers~ "biddily-doo, biddily-doo, biddily-doo". ...more

Thanks for the laugh.
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Out of my Mind

ADDiana  I sat down two hours ago to start this but then I said Hmm.The dog needs a bath......more

Ah, it will all be there tomorrow.

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