Squeeze and Release: The Joys of Teaching

The pressure that's squeezed me for months has loosened. It had gotten progressively stronger, more forceful, wringing me exhausted even before the morning started. It's loosened, but it's not gone, and I know that it won't ever fully leave. I will get periodic reprieves, opportunities to rest, and I must make the most of those moments so that I am girded and ready when the pressure tightens again. ...more
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Downsizing -- A Thousand Square Feet Per Person, A New American Standard

Let's face it, the Great Recession has not been a plus for the green movement overall. Most ordinary Americans are still sympathetic to the cause, but their willingness to spend even a penny extra for environmentally friendly products has been dampened by four dollar gas, five dollar cereal and loss of equity in their homes....more

If we want any indication that the elite are disconnected from the reality of the masses,the ... more

I Don’t Write To Hurt You, and I Believe You Don’t Write To Hurt Me

Honestly, I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. No troll on the internet could be worst than seventh grade. But I find it strange how MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT a blog post or tweet or offhanded remark can be to someone. So important that they are willing to degrade their dignity or the dignity of another person. ...more

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The "Elaborate Fraud" Linking Autism to Vaccines

It's about time. Researcher Andrew Wakefield's 1998 MMR study -- which kicked off a decade of misplaced fears about vaccines causing autism before the study was officially retracted -- has been declared an "elaborate fraud" by the British Medical Journal (BMJ). I fully hope that, as BMJ's editors asserted, "Clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare," because when the public's faith in vaccines wavers and vaccination rates decline, children fall ill from vaccine-preventable diseases, and some of them die. ...more

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We cannot move those entrenched into their positions by telling ... more

Aiming Low, Mamapop and MOMocrats on How Group Blogs Are Different

There are obviously benefits to a group blog that you simply can't get with a personal blog. A multitude of points-of-view come together to present a more three-dimensional view of the world. It reaches a wider audience because it's a communal effort to increase traffic. And more writers means that the blog continues with less daily work on an individual level than a personal blog would need. ...more

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The Worst Parenting Day Ever?

Leo and I had the worst day ever. Leo and I had the best day ever! Why does Leo always wake up so early? His sisters sleep until we shriek at them to get up, like self-respecting children should. I'm so irritated that he's sometimes wet in the mornings. He's never going to be fully self-sufficient. ...more

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