I am a tattoo and piercing obsessed; part-time professional photography fanatic; anti-cleaning but clutter fearing; overloaded animal caretaker; over-talking blogging big mouthed; sometimes always right now procrastinating; God-believing and Heaven bound woman... with a lot of things going on in this life I've been given. I lug my camera (DSLR) everywhere. I pack diapers into the side pocket of my camera bag... and the diaper bag is at home when we go out. Change of clothes and snacks? Hopefully they're in the car, or one of my fab friends brought the good stuff. Weird, not very mommy-like, but I LOVE having a camera (any camera) with me for the wow moments of every day. Maybe I should say every moment of everyday? Hehehe. And if I could charge the battery on my awesome Olympus P&S camera, trust I'd have that with me (too...), but I lost the charger.

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