How Roses Are Like Life

One December evening, while my family was living in Hawaii, I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was, of course, balmy and warm. A few straggly, leggy roses grew in one yard. It was the first time I’d seen anyone growing roses in Hawaii. I went home and looked up a rose catalog. Growing roses in Hawaii is like growing them in a greenhouse. They need a dormant period that doesn’t occur naturally, so you have to cut them back. The catalogs I saw didn’t ship to Hawaii, so I didn’t buy any....more
I loved the book. You did a wonderful job with it and all the subthemes. ...more

Just Say No: School Pictures Edition

This year, I didn't pre-purchase school pictures. You know the ones. The ones where the photographer says, "Say CHEESE!" and your kid gets a goofy fake grin showing both rows of teeth all the way back to where the wisdom teeth will come in? The ones you have to pay for BEFORE you buy? The cheapest package was $30 or $40. You can get them retaken, but it's a pain. And really -- for three kids' poorly taken pics that we don't even want to give to their own grandparents? I said no....more
 @bleeping amazing  As a fellow photographer, who also tried sports shoots last year, lesson ...more

My Mother and The American Way of Housekeeping

I found the book nearly untouched, its spine still uncracked. THE AMERICAN WAY OF HOUSEKEEPING. The cover featured rather lurid illustrations of a ‘50s era meal: a coral salmon wedge surrounded by a ring of peas, accompanied by deviled eggs. “What’s this?” I asked my father....more
I loved this post. I experienced a bit of this too from my mom. She met my dad (who was in the ...more