Is Aging The New Medical Condition To Fear?

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite ...more
though aging is not the future that we are all excited about, we should embrace it because its ... more

DIY Ombre Heart & Striped Canvas Tote

I've had some plain canvas totes taking up space in my craft bin for awhile now.  I bought a few of the 3 packs the last time they were on sale at Joann's and just hadn't had much inspiration for doing something with them until this past week.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought some heart totes would be the perfect little gift to have on hand for friends and cousins or even the kid's teachers, so I made these in about an hour using the trusty ...more
i don't really like pinks but these totes re really nice. more

Make a Rustic Heart Stitched Pillow

[Editor's Note: If you are going for the rustic look with your Valentines decorating you are going to love this pillow project from Your Home Based Mom. Blogger Leigh Anne got clever and converted one of her Christmas decorations into a festive throw pillow that Cupid would appreciate. The stitched ribbon idea has so many crafty possibilities. - Jen]...more
beautiful and really creative. have a nice valentine. more

Perfect Non-bake cookies

I always forgot how to make these perfectly so they didn't fall apart and harden correctly. So I had to do a some test runs to get it just right. so...Fool Proof No-Bake cookies...more
perfect for people like me who loves cookies but doesn't like baking. lols more

Eight essential friends we all need

In the age of social media we may have hundreds of friends, but new research says 8 are essential. Of course, my friends on Facebook are important, but those personal friends I can call anytime, about anything, end up being the ones that make the biggest difference in my life....more
till now most of my closest and trusted friends are from high school and college friends. we may ... more

How I Deleted My Facebook Account and Walked Away from 555 Friends

Of course, you need lots of extra time for real friendship like that. My "networking" on Facebook was devouring some of that time, and I was starting to feel guilty about it. Along the same lines, it also struck me that Facebook fosters laziness. Even in a crisis, I wasn't getting as many emails or phone calls from family members because, as one put it, "We already read your updates on Facebook." ...more
i stopped using facebook when i realized that i'm spending too much time in it and also sharing ... more

7 Deadly Skin Sins

OK, so these practices may not be DEADLY, but your skin is your body's largest organ and the first thing people notice when they see you so why not take care of it?  Your skin is with you all your life, constantly regenerating and changing (for better or worse.) While I may not be Ponce De Leon, I can give you some tips to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful....more
great tips, our face has more sensitive skin that the other parts of our body, so it needs ... more

Convert an Old Sweater Into a New Hat

[Editor's Note: Your first instinct might be to throw away an old sweater with holes. However, if you are Kate from See Kate Sew you see a hat not a trashcan. Not just any hat a really cute super snuggly hat. - Jen]...more
really cute hat, love these ideas where i can re purpose my old clothes to nice new things. more

Which Diet Are You Trying Now?

  Many women tell me they have tried everything to lose weight.  Pills, powders, high protein diets, low protein diets; cabbage soup, tomato juice, pre-packaged foods, eat half your plate, no carbohydrates, fermented drinks and the list goes on. ...more
i once tried several diet plans with no effects on me, but what really helped me to loose weight ... more

Recipe: Bubble Milk Tea

i'd like to try this one... more