A Close Call

  Yesterday, the cool parent kept Kayden home again so they could have another father-son day. No big deal. It’s kind of funny how I am cool with being The Enforcer, this week and just last week I was complaining about not being fun. I see why I need to be. ...more

Are You The "Cooler" Parent?


First to Change

I don't have any social anxieties. But I did (and slightly still do)  have a bit of ummm, how do you say this......" I aint gonna speak if she won't" disorder. It really is a disorder because who does that? ...more

The Tube is Working For Me


Decisions Decisions

Here's to tell you. I cannot even find enough categories for this post to fit in. I am a little confused at the moment. This is my first Blog Her Conference and even though it is next week, I have no clue why I am going. I am ticketed-in all ways. I am hoteled. The only thing I am not is, ready to go. With all things in my life, I need to know the why and if I cannot answer that by next week, I will stay put. ...more

Just remember, at one time ...more

So Fresh and So Clean

I had to travel to Peru while I was pregnant with Kayden for a work assignment. While there, we stayed in the office pretty late to finish up training and various projects. As I gazed around the office, I observed that the late crew comprised of not only the single, child-free women, but the married mothers were there too knocking out the work. This baffled me and for a few moments I could focus on nothing else but how they were able to do it. So I walked over to Kathy and I asked her, if you are here working past 5, who is home cooking, cleaning and getting the kids ready for bed? ...more