one: heather. 27 years old. full time radiology student. part time customer... read more



one: heather. 27 years old. full time radiology student. part time customer service rep. spoils her dogs tinkerbelle & darby rotten..

two: living in downtown indianapolis. wishes she was a better catholic. holds grudges. loves autumn and leaves. obsessed with digital photography, law & order: SVU and nostalgia. has a love for chicago. tends to burn bridges because she knows how to swim. is learning to let go of the past.

three: survivor. writer. catholic. dreamer. creator. singer. songwriter. student. pianist. future radiologist. sister. daughter. friend. advocate. role model. woman. hopeless romantic. maternal. text messaging whore. democrat. nomadic.

loves: italian food, procrastination,music, anchorman, bud light, being random, politics, family, friends, laughing, watching football, facebook, dirty martini’s, haircuts, black & white photography, sex, the Joyful Heart Foundation, driving fast, cigarettes, vanilla ice cream, lilacs, reading, being in school, big sunglasses, indie music, flip flops, manicures, babies, falling in love, and Mariska Hargitay.

dislikes: ignorance, chipped nail polish, liars, being overly sensitive, tripping over my words, radishes, papa john’s pizza, dry skin, chocolate ice cream, biting my nails, stalkers, bitterness, people who don’t acknowledge me when i sneeze, Tom Brady, goodbyes, dr. pepper, car commercials, humidity, being clumsy, skinny jeans, the smell of vanilla, carnations, and bad teeth.

fears: getting divorced, clowns, the feeling of falling, spiders, storms, and making a commitment.