"Well, I'm Glad I'm White"

For MLK day last week, we watched this simple, kid-friendly  Brainpop Jr. video about Dr. Martin Luther King. After it finished, I briefly synopsized it to make sure the kids, especially the younger ones, had a good sense for why we celebrate his birthday. There was a short, weighty pause while everyone let that chunk of history sink in. And then this innocent 4-year-old cherub that I teach took a deep breath and said, "Well I'm glad I'm white." ...more
"Because really, this "I'm glad I'm white" notion probably lives deep inside most of us white ... more

I'm Not Black. Why Do You Care?

Racial identity is a personal issue that is currently hot topic within the Latino and African-American (Black, depends on with whom one is speaking and how he or she chooses to identify) communities. PBS aired a popular documentary called "Black in Latin America" which explores the "influence of African descent on Latin America". There is tension among Latinos and African-Americans....more
I'm a proud African American. What you call yourself is of no concern to me. It doesn't have ... more

Everyone Lies

My friend Andrea strongly dislikes another woman we both know. The first time she disclosed her feelings, I listened politely to her impassioned rant, then inquired why she felt so strongly about the other woman. The reason was that the woman in question was "fake." ...more

Jealousy probably brought the comment on by your friend.

Nevertheless, we all lie - in some ... more

FDA Will Investigate Mercury in Skin Bleaching Creams Found in Chicago

What harm is there in using a skin bleaching cream to lighten your skin or banish age spots? If the skin lightening cream you use contains mercury, then the harm to the human body can be devastating. The FDA announced Friday that it will investigate incidents of creams containing mercury found on Chicago store shelves. ...more

Why would anyone be surprised that a skin bleaching cream is harmful? Just the nature of the ... more

Holy Lesbian, Batwoman!

Coming soon, to a comic book store near you...She has long, flowing red hair, and wears a black half-mask to conceal her true identity. She dons red knee-high boots and a form-fitting black (in my mind, leather) body suite with a red bat emblazoned across the chest. She has a red lined black cape, and a red utility belt. She is one bad-ass woman who you don't want to mess with. She's easy on the eyes, as every super hero should be. ...more

I think it's great, but as a woman of color I'm interested in diversity. A hot redheaded ... more

Straight Porn v. Lesbian Porn – A Girl/Girl Porn Director Confronts The Penis

I’ve been shooting straight porn for more than a year after having been an exclusively girl/girl director for several years, and I have stories to tell. Observations to share. I have insights. Anecdotes. And you, my curious porn viewers, apparently have a few questions for me. ...more

I while back I wrote an article on female directors of lesbian porn. I see that you are also ... more

I'm an Asexual Lesbian

I identify as an asexual lesbian. It took me around 47 years to figure that out. ...more

Asexuality is a real state of being that should be respected. My ex-girlfriend is asexual. I ... more

Lesbian Bloggers, Represent

When I started my blog about 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't really know anything about the blogosphere. The year prior, I had been a contributor on a blog that my friends and I had for our own amusement, but I didn't really read any other blogs except dooce. My hope in starting my personal blog, was to find lesbian blogs and connect with others like me. ...more

I wish I could give each lesbian blogger more exposure.  There's some really good material ... more

A Sweet eco-cruise for lesbians

Alas, I'm not a lesbian -- but after discovering Sweet, a travel company that merges lesbian travel with eco-social awareness, I had to check the FAQ to see if I could still go on one of their green-minded trips! ...more

I wrote an article on lesbian travel and Sweet was one of the companies I wrote about.  I was ... more

Have you read any GLBT-Lit lately?

June is Pride Month and that's an excellent reason to go exploring GLBT literature. GLBT literature goes across all genres and there is something for everyone. We've rounded up some resources for you to help roadmap your way through the world of GLBT lit. For Kids: Queer Moms Free Space has a list of book resources for GLBT books for kids. ...more

Lesbian literary erotica should also be included here.  The following publishers offer ... more