I will be late.

I just will be. No matter where I'm going or how far in advance I plan my departure. Something will delay me. And the thing that delays me this time will be different than the thing that delayed me last time, so I won't even see it coming....more

I can't believe you even consider that there's any more to this outing than the trip preparation ... more

The Decision to Give Up an Adopted Child: An Adoptee's Take

Like many other people, I was mildly horrified at the thought of a woman who would take the responsibility of taking care of a child, and then when times got tough, abandon the child. But unlike many others, the first thought that didn't come to mind was "monster." ...more

Fantastic post.  Thank you for this. 

How old were you and your sister when ... more

And That's the Way It Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite

The first time I saw Walter Cronkite in person was during the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968. The one with the riots.  I was still working in the McCarthy Campaign then.  He was anchoring CBS coverage and some kind producer had taken pity on me and let me into the CBS suite at the Hilton. ...more

What a beautiful story. I love the phrase "It's a WW."  All newsrooms have similar ... more

BlogHer for Beginners

Every year I see several pre-BlogHer Conference posts with helpful tips for first-timers. It occurred to me that I may have something to offer along those lines, seeing as I've been going to BlogHer ever since it began. Thus, here's my take on the subject, in no particular order: ...more

... give me some BlogHer Network for beginners.  I'm a year-long blogger and 2-day-old ... more