OKCupid Now Offers A Body Type Filter... For A Fee

In a controversial move, dating site OKCupid has updated their approach by allowing users to filter out body types for an additional fee ranging from $4.95 to $10.  This filter would make it so that your results only list people who self-identify according to the parameters you select. Opponents charge that this is a discriminatory practice, while proponents say that it is about time dating sites allow this feature....more
If they believe this is discriminatory, then it's not that far a leap to say photos are too.  ... more

Kids' Swimwear: Boys Aren't Made to Look Sexy, So Why Are Girls?

"Here's what I want you focused on: Sexy adult swimwear (totally okay) being made into miniature versions for children as young as four (totally not okay)." These words appeared in a post by my friend Melissa Wardy written in response to a story about Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing designer Melissa Odabash's bikinis for little girls. As Melissa (Wardy) emphasizes in the piece, there is nothing wrong with age-appropriate two-piece bathing suits for girls, but shrinking a suit designed for an adult female body and placing it on a little girl is wrong....more
This is utterly ridiculous.  There is nothing wrong with any of those swimsuits. They are cute. ... more

A Side of Charcoal

Growing up, my dad was a minister in the Methodist church, which meant every summer we would ... more

Oh Aristotle...I disagree

Aristotle describes love as, "a single soul inhabiting two bodies".This is so, "you complete me" -esque, I cannot get behind it. Even, "two hearts, two hearts that beat as one", is a bit much.I am a romantic but not a nut.I remember when Boyd and I were choosing our marriage vows. We had discussions about the wording and what we wanted to convey/express.We chose wording like, "I choose you". No dependency wording....more
I am sorry you are so jaded and cynical about love.  Aristotle got it completely right, there is ... more

Stop Liking “Get Us a Puppy” Facebook Pics. Really.

A heartwarming story came across my Facebook page this week, about some kids whose dad told them if they got 1 million likes on their Facebook photo they could have a new puppy. They got their likes in about 7 hours, and their dad has promised to keep his word and get them a (rescue) puppy. ...more
This was not a case of teaching the girls to find their worth on Facebook.  Not everything has ... more

Nancy Pelosi Fires Back at Luke Russert’s Ageist and Sexist Question

While most pundits were making predictions about whether or not Rep. Nancy Pelosi would announce she is stepping up once again as House Minority Leader, NBC reporter Luke Russert was apparently practicing his one liners. At the 7 a.m. press conference where the Congressional veteran announced that she does indeed want to lead the House Democrats, Russert – the son of the late Meet the Press host Tim Russert – basically asked why the old people don’t just hurry up and retire?...more
I can see how it's ageist, but what he asked her was in no way sexist.  It wasn't about her ... more

How Malala Could Change the World -- and Win a Nobel Prize

She is now able to sit up in bed and read. Which by itself seems a miracle given her fate seemed so grim after the 15-year-old was shot in the head by a Taliban militant. ...more
I don't mean to piss anyone off, but this, this is the war on women.  She's still a child and ... more

Proof that Expectant Moms Don't Exaggerate

While doing laundry today, I noticed a pattern. "AHA!" I declared. Mike looked at me, waiting for an explanation. "Remember when I was pregnant and kept saying that 'this kid's heels feel sharp enough to pop right through me?'" "Barely," he said. "And remember," I continued unfazed, "when you hugged me and mused that I might be exaggerating just a tad?"...more
newborn babies and pre-born babies have the teeniest, tiniest, sharpest most adorable little ... more

I Refuse to Raise a "Stupid Girl"

What happened to the dreams of a girl president?She's dancing in the video next to 50 CentThey travel in packs of two or threeWith their itsy-bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny teesWhere, oh where, have the smart people gone?Oh where, oh where could they be?("Stupid Girls" by Pink)...more
It's not just teenage girls.  There are women out there, (bloggers included) who feel the need ... more

I Keep Picking Fights with My Teen Daughter

I am a single mom of two tweenage daughters. My oldest daughter will turn 15 at the end of the week. It’s not really a big deal. You know, as long as I don’t think about it. In a year, she’ll be 16, and driving. A blink of an eye she’ll turn 18 and graduate. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that she won’t be mine forever. And it scares me, and pisses me off....more
 @thefamilyfoodie I had to take a step back to see that the nit picking wasn't about the clothes ... more