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Hello and Welcome.My blogs are all about the "facets" of... read more

Baya Gatter


Hello and Welcome.

My blogs are all about the "facets" of jewelry--from current trends, gemstone facts, remodelling, safe keeping of jewelry, as well as everyday events of life.

Growing up as the daughter of working parents, they took me to our jewelry boutique on weekends and school holidays. I loved every second because I was very much involved in our business and at the same time, I was learning good skills--listening and observing.

I made my first sale when I was 8. A very distinguished lady purchased an antique turquoise bar pin. I'll never forget that day and the pride I felt. Yes, I definitely knew after that day what I wanted to persue as a career for the rest of my life.

Fast pace forward a few years and today I am balancing my family life with my professional life.  I have two incredible children, Cameron and Julia, who are the miracles of my life. My husband Les, is an incredible and supportive husband.

We are a very close-knit family and during the spring/summer/fall, we enjoy spending our free time at our cottage.

Today, I am co-owner of our family jewelry business and one of the areas I oversee is our internet businesses. We specialize in vintage, antique and our own line of artisan jewelry.  I invite you to visit our on-line boutique at

The focus of my blogs will primarily be on jewelry and to provide you, the reader, with as much useful and practical information.

I am of Hungarian heritage and like a good Goulash, which is a mixture of many delicious ingredients, I also love writing about everyday events that affect all of us.

So sit back and enjoy....

Your feedback and comments are welcome and if you have any specific questions or inquires, it is my pleasure to answer them at

Baya :)