Who's in charge?

Yesterday I wrote about a sign in my doctor’s office, informing parents that all 12 – 17 year olds must have a private conversation with a nurse. Seeking clarification, I emailed my medical group. The next day, I received a phone call from Kim in the privacy department....more

Prepared but pooped

Y’all, I am tired. Tired. And it’s all my Mom’s fault.The woman is a workhorse. When she knows something needs to get done, she methodically plans, schedules, works and the chore is done. Like, days in advance. ...more

Here we go again

I'm in the middle of Graduation Week for #2. Many of you have asked how she’s doing; while I appreciate your love and care for her, that is completely the wrong question. She’s fine. She’s young. She’s resilient. The better question is how is the mom holding up? And the answer is: it depends.Like, when I’m sleeping, I’m good. No worries. Yay for six hours of dry eyes!...more

Twenty years of love and Chevys

Anyone who says you can’t put a price on love didn’t want to marry Sean. Because his price was $5,700. Or best offer....more

Eu tu, Kermit?

I love Chick-fil-A. I also love the Muppets. I remember watching them on Saturday nights with my sister - one of the few shows we were allowed to watch. But now, these two companies I love have had a bit of a falling out. And I'm a tad disappointed in my furry, inanimate friends and their command of the English language. ...more

Let the crying commence

Well, this is the week I’ve been dreading looking forward to for months now – graduation week. Okay okay, I’m not really dreading all of it; we have 28 family members coming in from all over the country and we’re going to have a great party all weekend long! Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois will all be represented....more

Late to board The Office train

For several years, Michael and Amy have been watching The Office. Not the most wholesome show, I realize, and I’m not exactly how their fascination with the sitcom even began. By the time I realized I didn’t want them watching Michael Scott and his band of misfits, it was too late....more

Keep Excel to yourself

Last Sunday, my husband and two other gentlemen from church had to give announcements. The first, a businessman and the second, an attorney, each spoke sans notes. Sean, though, got up and proudly flashed his paper, saying, “I’m an engineer and I use notes!” He proceeded to go down his list, hit all his points and sit down. (Trust me when I say he would not have taken his seat if he hadn’t ticked off each point.)...more
 @Christy Duffy I burst into laughter last night when my husband started to refer to the ...more

Getting my heart and head on the same page

Could someone tell me when I’m going to stop crying? Please?...more

How many more years of fractions?

Sitting at the table yesterday, working on Rebecca’s math, I had a startling realization: 6th grade Rebecca is very much like 6th grade Christy. She asks the same kinds of questions about math that I did. For instance, “Why does it work to invert and multiply when I’m supposed to be dividing fractions?  Who came up with this stuff? When will I ever need this? Ever?”...more