Should Newer Recipe Writers Threaten Established Pros?

Amy Reiley started a wildfire on an IACP blog post recently, when she said hobby food bloggers who don’t test recipes thoroughly and don’t charge enough are sidelining professionals like herself. Here’s a sample:...more
 @ItsAllRelative  You will use 90 percent of recipes? That's awesome. Most people try 2 or 3 ...more

Is Food Blogging Too Hard?

Last week, I gave a 2-hour talk on how to start a food blog. I felt like a spoilsport. It all seems like so much work, someone responded. Why do you need to be a good photographer? Can't you just change one or two things in a recipeand share it with people, for fun? What if I only want to blog for fun? Who cares if people want to reprint my recipes elsewhere? ...more
 @snarkymomma Absolutely. We're on the same page with that one. But other people just want to ...more

Write Better Recipes: Avoid the Seven Most Common Recipe Writing Errors

In the last week, I’ve been editing recipes for two books by food bloggers. Both have short deadlines, and I’ve been working long hours. That’s okay. It’s so much fun to see such creativity and invention, to fantasize about which recipes I’m going to try, and –- yes -– to nitpick. Such is the job of an editor. ...more
Thanks! As a blogger who posts recipes occasionally, these tips were really helpful!more

What Makes A Great Food Blog?

While getting ready to speak on The Meaning of Identity and the Value of Voice in a Crowded Foodblogging World at BlogHer Food '09 this Saturday, I looked back to one of my very first posts on my blog, in which I looked at what makes a great food blog. The number one characteristic was: ...more

Wow, this is great advice about creating a food blog that stands out. I would have liked to ...more