Everyone Is Fighting a Battle Beyond What You Can See

Several years ago I shared a story about having a miscarriage. While it was definitely a sad time, I used it as a catalyst to change my life. When I realized that my stable little family wasn’t going to need to prepare for any more maternity leaves -- I changed things. Army. EMT. New jobs. New figure. Way new outlook. I had meaning. And I had packed up the notion of having more babies and put it away. And I was okay with that. And then I got pregnant....more
 @betherann I am so sorry for your loss.more

I Spy Bad Parenting

Just a week ago, over at www.RedWritingHood.ca I wrote a blog post about how wrong it is to judge other parents. Yeah, so I'd like to add a caveat to that... You can judge this woman....more
Wow! I've heard of the show before, but I have never actually seen an episode. That child is 6 ...more

So Tired of Labels

Every time I turn around there's a label smacking me in the face. Feminist. Conservative. Liberal. Traditionalist. Yadda Yadda.... Positive labels, negative labels... rarely a "neutral" label. Generally I'm fine with factual labels. I think if someone is labeling themselves, that's ok (as long as it's not a self-label trying to prove their superiority)....more
But being a feminist, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, or a parent affects one's worldview. ...more

If That Were My Child, I'd ...

I’ve written on my blog several times about my struggle with being judgmental. There are times when I forget that a great deal of grace has been given to me and it’s my responsibility to give grace to others. No where is this more applicable than in the parenting arena. Before I had kids I think my favourite phrase was “when I have kids…” because I was pretty damn sure I wasn’t going to repeat my parent’s mistakes. Or the mistakes I saw in the world around me. Oh no, not me....more

Hockey Life

For years it was really easy for me to ignore hockey. Even though I live in Canada and in a city with an NHL team, I could escape winter's hockey death grip because my son didn't want to play the game.Except then he did. Last year it was too late to sign him up but he could NOT stop talking about hockey.So this past September I signed him up. $800+ plus a couple hundred in gear and $100 cash in seed money at the start of the year so we can pay for jerseys. His dad (my ex) is responsible for sticks and skates, I get all the rest....more
I think it's awesome he enjoys it so much! I dread the day my guys start playing midget - it's ...more

Her Own Style

My daughter, like most kindergarteners, is really coming into her own. She's always had a strong personality, one that makes my son's spirited personality look a little mousey. She's the kind of kid the phrase "pick your battles" was made for. Perhaps you have a similar kid?The number one way her personality "shines" is through her clothing. She loves to be comfortable and wear anything that makes her feel good. She doesn't care what colours they are these days, though for a while there were two colours: pink and not-pink.She hates her hair being brushed, jeans and turtlenecks. She loves 'soft pants' and headbands and comfortable shoes. Yeah... she's a mom in training, who doesn't like soft pants and comfortable shoes??At her age, my son still wanted me to pick out his clothes and tell him what to wear. Not so with my daughter. She picks her own clothes. (My son, now 10, has only recently entered this stage... now it's hard to get him to wear more than one or two t-shirts that are his favourites.)Some days she walks out of her room like she's in a ball gown and tiara... but really, she looks like this:...more
She is adorable and I love her style!more

The Spring Fling

It's time for that great tradition that almost everyone knows about, no one likes to do, and everyone likes having done it: spring cleaning.Here in my neck of the woods we can finally say it's spring. I know in some other necks of wood it's practically summer... but I really don't want to talk to You People....more

The Great Battle

In our house we have one Great Battle that I suspect will be playing out until we are old and weathered and sleeping in separate rooms at the nursing home: the temperature inside our house. My husband does not want the temperature to go above 68F (20C) and prefers it if it’s closer to 65F (18C)… even on days like the Snowpocalypse. “Put on another sweater” he says, “do jumping jacks” he says....more
@texasebeth As I seem to need to remind people in Houston where I currently live, freezing has a ...more

STDs: From 2 to 57 in about 40 years

Did you know that in 1967 a teenager had the risk of catching one of two sexually transmitted diseases? Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Both were "curable" after treatment. Today, teenagers (well, and the rest of us) could be at risk of catching one of 57 different sexually transmitted diseases or infections.57.I pause here to be thankful that I'm not a teen in 2009 and that I'm in a committed relationship with my husband and neither of us are wandering (that I'm aware of, ha!) or risking contraction of an STD....more

Why do you procrastinate?

I think that if you asked writers "do you procrastinate?" 99.8% would say yes. And the 0.2% would be either lying or ... well, we don't really want to think or talk about the rest because they are probably named King or Gabaldon or Clancy. ...more

I'm definitely a procrastinator - but I do get the job done. I'm sure it's because I work ...more