9 Recipes for Leftover Eggnog

Homemade eggnog has a habit of disappearing -- in a flash! -- but cartons of the store-bought grocery-store eggnog seem to hang around forever and ever, before finally getting dumped down the drain. No need to waste eggnog, however. Here are eight recipes to help use up leftover eggnog. Image: Courtesy of Kirbie’s Cravings ...more
I made waffles the other day and used 1/2 egg nog and 1/2 milk for the recipe - they were amazing!more

8 Things to Make with Leftover Easter Eggs

Come tomorrow, after girls in sweet spring dresses and boys with grass-stained knees collect their eggs in the annual back yard Easter egg hunts, frugal cooks everywhere will be looking for ways to use those cooked eggs, so they don't go to waste. Here are a few ideas -- easy ones! ...more
Impressive tips Alanna. Unfortunately, we ate last Easter eggs & ham yesterday. But, I'll have ...more

Five Ways to Use a Leftover Ham Bone

So you're going to save that Christmas ham bone, right? (Wait, you did get a bone-in ham, right? Right?? If not, next time, okay?) Whatever you do with the meat, once you're down to the bone, it's time to get out your biggest pot. We're gonnna cook and a ham bone, well, it's 100% flavor and it's 100% free. Image: Clemson via Flickr ...more
i froze a hamBone thanksgiving 2014, is it still useable or should I just toss it.?  Thanksmore

Make-Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning

From hectic to relaxed, this year, of all years, let's make it a make-ahead Christmas morning. ...more
Overnight french toast? Yes please! Thanks for the awesome recommendations!more

Frugal Kitchen: Recipes for Leftover Eggnog

[Editor's Note: As the holiday season winds to a close, and work looms ahead this week, you may have a stray carton of eggnog or two hanging out in your refrigerator. Don't feel like drinking any more of it? Well, this post from the archives includes some great ideas for how to use it up. -Genie] ...more
I love eggnog, so naturally I decided to pair it with my other favorite food- Nutella. :) ...more

10 Fun & Creative Ways to Make Hot Chocolate

[Editor's Note: Do you still rely on powdered mixes to make hot chocolate when the weather outside is frightful? This post from the archives will help you break that habit in any number of delicious ways! --Genie] ...more
Wow, yummy. i love it.more

Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries

[Editor's Note: Alanna Kellogg wrote this brilliant strategy post for saving money on food in 2008, predicting food prices would only get worse. Even though the post is a few years old, her tips are still spot-on, and I'm using them as I try to squeeze more out of my family's combined income. -Rita] ...more
This is exactly what I have been saying.  Thanks for making it very clear!more

Tasting the World: Rose Water

"A rose is a rose is a rose" (Gertrude Stein) — unless it's rose water, the distinctive liquid essence of crushed rose petals used to flavor food, especially sweets, in Persian, Turkish, southeast Asian and more and more cuisines. Have you tasted rose water, or cooked with it yet? ...more

I bought some rosewater yesterday.  I'm planning to make more

Greedy Gourmet: Profile of a UK Food Blog

Say hello to Michelle, the head cook and photographer at the food blog Greedy Gourmet. Michelle is a native of South Africa but fell in love with an Englishman and soon moved to the United Kingdom. "Ah, love!" she says. ...more

Life's Ambrosia: Profile of a Seattle Food Blog

Say hello to Deseree, a 20-something food blogger from Seattle who "cooks and eats" and relies on her talented husband to "shoot and eat" for her food blog celebrating the "food of the gods." ...more

She always has dishes that look very appealing to me!