Samantha Steinwinder

I'm good at speaking for other people. I give my clients, primarily technology... read more

Samantha Steinwinder


I'm good at speaking for other people. I give my clients, primarily technology companies in the US, a voice about their products, events, milestones and news. I talk to their customers, their employees, and advise them on how to talk with both better. I critique and manage their websites, messaging, marketing programs, and help them improve their overall communications. What I don't do, is any of the above for myself. I'm starting to change that.

I've been doing PR for two decades (I don't specify number of years any longer. Why bother. It's like turning 43. Not that exciting.) I know what I'm doing and I like what I do. I love to write, solve problems, speak publicly, mentor young professionals, and talk with the media. All of which I would love to do more often.

My partner and I run Concept PR,, where we work with some fabulous companies in digital entertainment, consumer technology, digital marketing, and other industries. We've worked together for many years, are very close friends, and are passionate about our jobs, travel, kids, and maintaining work-life balance.

Ah, work-life balance...I have two little girls, and want to remember every moment of their childhoods, which is why I work from home and capture every milestone. I organize my photos much better than my life but need to do more to organize my thoughts about them, and me, and my life. 

I'm just getting going with my personal blog. I've never been a great journaler, but it's time to speak for myself.