It's Not Can We Have it All, It's Should We?

I have to officially weigh in on the "have it all" debate. ...more
While my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be, I never took that to mean "I could ...more

It's My Life, I Guess

This post was written as a submission to The Last Name Project, a joint series by from two to one and The Feminist Mystique that explores what people do with their names when they get married, or what they are thinking of doing if and when that happens.I am a high school teacher. And I kept my last name when I got married....more

I Need My Husband's Permission to Pay Bills

I can't even make this stuff up. OK, here's the story, and it all starts with the fact that I finally have a grown-up driver's license....more

Terms I Hate: "The Honey Do List"

There are so many terms in our society that people don't even think about before they say them. They're colloquial, and their literal meanings are often very different than what the terms have come to mean. As a teacher, I have a plethora of these phrases that I outline for my students at the beginning of the year....more

Submit to the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival!

 Submit to the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival! The deadline is 6/20/12 and we are looking for posts about female friendship (or feminism in general). Keep reading for more information, or click here....more

Is Pinterest the Problem?

 Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) ...more

Being a Pro Writer is Like Being a Pro Athlete

LeBron sporting the Jordan tongue (Photo cr...more

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Friday Night Lights (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipe...more

One Tube of Toothpaste

It has come to my attention today that, for some time now, Tim and I have been using the same toothpaste....more

Identity and Home

Since we've decided to buy a house in the suburbs...Wait. Did I mention that we actually decided this? If not, well, we did. We've been back and forth over the issue a lot, and since the economy seems to be picking up in our area, and since we do have the money to do it as long as it's a relatively inexpensive house, we've decided just to take the plunge because it seems like the financially right thing to do at this point in our lives....more