I Don't Let Just Anyone See My Underwear

My husband and I fold laundry together. It’s one of the only chores we can share and still enjoy each other’s company, not only because it’s the only household job that neither of us has passively and purposely fumbled to get out of, but because we joke around a lot while we’re folding, like we just met....more

Technically, It's Not Polygamy

 My husband speaks three different languages. It’s like being married to three different people. He takes on a different personality with each “language”. When he talks with the guys at the coffee shop or at a party of college-educated peers, he speaks perfect English. He appears to be current, articulate and clever....more

Have You Purchased Ad Space on Social Media??

I am trying out for the first time, purchasing an ad for my website, a humor blog, on Facebook. I thought about purchasing the ad to invite people to become a fan of my fanpage, but am more interested in bringing people to my site. You can link the ad to either. ...more

I certainly will, Denise.

They give me stats that I will be watching like an ebay ...more

Jesus Never Made a Valentine's Day Pie Like This


Non-Verbal Communication in Marriage: What to Look for and What it Means

I consider myself an expert in the field of Non-Verbal Communication. My husband is an engineer, which is to say he has a PhD in Non-Verbal Communication. He was on the Dean’s list when I met him. He flourished under the tutelage of a blue collar step-father, a man of few words: “Who left the milk out?” and “I’m going out.”...more

I laughed out loud a lot during this read! Wish my hubby would read it, because maybe then he ...more

A Collect Call? From Afghanistan???

As an Air Force brat, I learned one thing well. Make a soldier laugh. Bust on him. It breaks the tension, whether they'll admit there is any or not. Here's a piece I wrote after an encounter with one of America's finest:...more

Thanks, Denise!

Glad you liked it.

If I get a collect call I'll definitely blog ...more

It Runs in the Family and There is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

 I should have known my life would resemble tectonic plates not meant to hold still when my first sentence at the age of nine months was “eff routine”. I didn’t say it out loud, of course, or even know the words. But inside I felt their meaning. I couldn’t walk or talk yet, but I threw myself into the part. A restless method actor....more

Yeah, Kid, But Can Your Mom Do This?