Who Needs Toys?

The most enlightening advice I've received as a parent has been about toys. When celebrating our first Christmas my aunt warned me not to buy my son too many gifts because he'd be more entertained by the wrapping and boxes. She was totally right. And as my son quickly approaches his third birthday, he is still intrigued by the most unusual things. Like a kitten, he will play with a bit of string or a piece of ribbon for hours on end. ...more

My 10-year old son was itching for something to do yesterday after school. He wanted to go ... more

Stunt Vaginas on the Big Screen

I was at girls' night out, complaining about how I hate that scene in the movie Knocked Up when Katherine Heigl’s character is giving birth and one of the stoner roommates walks into the delivery room and runs out because he sees her vagina. ...more

THAT was funny! Thank you! Wish I wrote that.

 Amy Kehoe



Have You Purchased Ad Space on Social Media??

I am trying out for the first time, purchasing an ad for my website, a humor blog, on Facebook. I thought about purchasing the ad to invite people to become a fan of my fanpage, but am more interested in bringing people to my site. You can link the ad to either. ...more

I certainly will, Denise.

They give me stats that I will be watching like an ebay ... more

A Collect Call? From Afghanistan???

As an Air Force brat, I learned one thing well. Make a soldier laugh. Bust on him. It breaks the tension, whether they'll admit there is any or not. Here's a piece I wrote after an encounter with one of America's finest:...more

Thanks, Denise!

Glad you liked it.

If I get a collect call I'll definitely blog ... more

If You Only Have 10 Minutes to Make Your House Company-Ready

It's happened to the best of us: You get home (or, if you work at home like me, emerge from your office bleary-eyed in the afternoon) and are delighted to pick up the phone and hear from a pal who's wondering if she can stop by for a little bit. You're thrilled and tell her to come on over, and she says she'll see you in ten. Then you hang up the phone... and panic. ...more

Throw Away 50 Things is another good book about organizing and decluttering.

I didn't ... more

Two Weeks Without E-mail: Best Gift to Yourself Ever

Okay, everyone, I did it. Two weeks without email was the best gift to myself ever. My new year's gift to you? Advice: Go reserve your own email-free vacation now. On Friday, Dec. 18, 2009, the last day of work before I returned on Jan. 4, 2010, thousands of years later, I set my email to zap itself into oblivion. I was nervous, worried I would be a little lost without the email accounts to which I'm a tetch addicted, without Twitter updates even. ...more

What Tresha said! I, too, read five pies and was impressed.


I like the ... more

My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Interview

Sparkly rainbows and miracle cures: those are what too many books about parenting children with special needs are made of. We may succumb to them during our initial post-child's-diagnosis research frenzy, but the truth is most of our kids have already told us who they are. Our job is not to chase the sparkly rainbows, but to plant our feet on the ground and start supporting those children....more

I shall be tweeting this post.

Nice job.


Amy ... more

Visiting an Organic Turkey Farm

Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, the most meat-focused holiday in modern history. ("Happy Turkey Day!") In anticipation of this annual feast of gratitude, a friend and I visited the closest organic turkey farm we could find: Tedach Ranch, just 30 miles east of Denver in Bennett, Colorado. Gobble, gobble - it was an eye opener. ...more

We used to live a few miles away from a Chicken Factory when we lived out in the country. ... more

You Can Not Buy Your Way Into Being Green

My article was approved by the editor to be placed on Socyberty on the rise of the false environmentalist. People and business's who purchase carbon offset to try to reduce the amount of their own carbons, without working on a solution to reduce their own output. Buying their way in. Most environmental forums or sites really do not bond with these sorts of individuals or business’s. They figure by contributing a certain amount monthly or yearly to an environmental organization such as planting trees, or creating wind power, that they are doing enough of a contribution. ...more

They are doing something at least, but they can be doing more. They just have an old mindset ... more

Finally Getting "Syked" about Diversity in Late Night TV

Late night network talk shows are about to get the correction of all correction.  Fox booted Mad TV and has now signed the Saturday night 11:00 EST slot to The Wanda Sykes Show.  Provocative, acerbic, and unabashedly liberal, Wanda promises a show that will focus on ripping up and riffing on the news and pop culture trends of the week with monologues, taped pieces and a panel discussion with guests.  Finally, Saturday night may once again showcase te ...more

It seems like ever since Wanda came out of the closet, it has freed her up internally and she ... more