What I Learned from 12 Years of Blogging

Old school? Me? Yes. Twelve years ago, a former student told me that I should start a blog. "You've got such a lot to say about the world," he said. "Who cares what I think about the world?" I replied. "Lots of people would," he said. Image: Andy Wright via Flickr via Creative Commons license ...more
Very inspiring and nice to meet you. 12 years is a long time and a major commitment but ...more

I Am Mamacita, and You Are Not

   I have been Mamacita for many years online - 12 years, to be exact.  One’s online presence is of utmost importance, and the names we have chosen as representations of ourselves are equally important, as people associate the name with the person or business....more

Bring It On, Mama

I've been a parent longer than most of you have been alive.  Here are a few observations I have made over these years.  Many of you won't like these, but time and experience and a couple of awesome grown-up babies of my own and a few thousand kids belonging to other people in my career have convinced me that these few simple rules are good ones. Please pay attention, for I speak truth....more
So many times I have wanted to say this to people! You go girlfriend!more

I Like My Christmas at Home

All of you people who are spending Christmas at Disney, or on a cruise ship, or at a resort, or at a ski lodge, or on a beach, or anywhere far away from your home:  Have fun.  I do not envy you in the least.  I have never wanted to spend Christmas at Disney. Or on a cruise ship. Or at a resort. Or at a ski lodge. Or on a beach.  Ever.  Not as a child, not when my own children were little, and not now....more
Hah. In the hectic madness of our big family Christmas, I've often wondered if we should just ...more

Your Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful Child Is Important. Just Like All The Other Children in the Room

Bear in mind that the dreaded, awful, overly-strict teacher your child got this year might be another child's all-time favorite. Even small children are entitled to have personality conflicts, and nobody gets along beautifully with everybody.Please remember, also, that while your wonderful, amazing child is, of course,  the most important child in the school, each teacher also has 34+ other equally important children in his/her classroom. If we're talking about middle or high school, each teacher also has from 150 - 230+ equally important students in his/her classroom....more

Community School Supplies? Absolutely NOT!

And so, here we are with school about to start up again – hey, if you live in southern Indiana, many of our schools started up last week! This is the time of year I like to re-run my post about community school supplies and how they are of the devil. Yes. Satan himself thought up this concept. Here we go: =====...more
Growing up poor I knew the humiliation of not having the proper school supplies. On the other ...more

BlogHer Is For Women. Not Just Some Women.

You know, so many websites and conferences and literature and whatnot that welcome women of, how shall I put this, a 'certain age,' are very condescending even when they don't realize it....more
Denise and Elisa, you are both so kind.  Thank you in advance for missing me. I'll be following ...more

It Is A Terrible Thing Not to Become An Adult When One Ceases to Be A Child

 Oh, there will be people who won’t like this post.  Fair warning:  some people will be hit below the belt.  Perhaps it’s high time somebody aimed at these people below the belt.  There’s been far too much rationalizing about this behavior, and there are way too many euphemisms for it....more

We Are What We Are. Aren't We?

You know what?  We are what we are, and no manner of changing our bodies will change who and what we are, whether that change be purely cosmetic, radically identity-altering (which won't change the actual identity - just the vessel that contains it) or just sick. (cutting off limbs,  undergoing extensive surgeries for no medical reason, etc, which sounds made up but which is something some people actually do!)  (Think of Michael Jackson.) Plastic surgery has its legitimate purposes, but much of the time it's just somebody who wanted a better nose....more