Banning Hip Hop Makes The Place Uncool, And Offensive

The owners told him that at their old skating rink they played hip-hop and there were a lot of unruly behaviors and fights. To avoid that, hip-hop music was banned from the new establishment. They told him he couldn’t play anything with an urban beat. ...more

All Natural Battle Royal: The Fight For The Right To My Own Hair!

My hair looks crazy, and I look jacked. It’s been this way for about 2 months now. I’m a broke, possibly unemployed (a whole different story) newly-wed in a new town. This town, while I like it, doesn’t exactly cater to my culture. I think I saw 2 home perm kits in the local beauty supply... Anyway, for about 2 months my hair has been unkempt. Most of the black woman reading this will probably gasp. 2 months?!? ...more

Don't fight it honey, you just have to learn it... it takes time... come join me and my ...more

Wait, Turkey is beating the US, in car making? What?

So some students in Turkey have apparently done what the entire US car industry couldn’t; they built a hydrogen vehicle that gets 1,336 miles per gallon. Well, that’s what the title of the article said anyway. ...more