Getting Started

Hello everyone.  I am desperately trying to get myself motivated to start losing weight.  I got married in March of 2008 and since then I have gained over 50 pounds.  I am so depressed about it that just keep eating all of the time.  Especially when others aren't around.  I fell like I have no will power.  This creates a constant cycle of self doubt and anger.  I am so tired of feeling out of control with my eating.  I have been seeing a counselor who specializes in helping people lose weight, but it doesn't seem to help because I am so devastated by what I have become. 

How this started, and am I crazy?

I started Fat Girl Gets Fit, my weight loss and fitness blog, in February 2009.  It was my attempt to get support and accountability.  It sort of worked.  People were extremely supportive, and I'd get bursts of motivation, but ultimately, I was still alone in the process.  I had various Wii fitness games.  ALL OF THEM.  LOL  And I used them.  Mostly...  And then motivation would wane, because I didn't really have anyone pushing me.

The Secret Truth Behind the Mommy Body

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Words I Would Love To Hear and To Say

"My heart gets excited when I see you because I love you and am happy to be with you." These words were uttered to me over the phone by a five year-old. She is my best friend's eldest daughter and she never fails to move me, sometimes to tears, with her emotional honesty and straight-forwardness. When I shared this story with my colleagues -- a group of oncologists, psychologists, social workers, and nurses -- one therapist remarked, "Can you imagine an adult saying that to someone else?!" Actually, no. I can't imagine it. Can you? Read Leeat Granek, PhD at The Huffington Post: Lonely. Who, Me? Yes You! ...more

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Do You Love Exercise, Or Do You Do it Because You Feel Like You Should?

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