Can We Make 'Em Wait?

My husband comes home for lunch sometimes and to continue our tradition of killing our brain cells with mindless and trashy television we usually watch The Maury Show (come on, what else is on in the middle of the day?). Maury has become a breeding ground for young women who don’t know who their baby’s daddy’s are. They can come on The Maury Show- put their business out there for America to see- and get a free paternity test while they are at it....more

I think that parents have a responsibility to be as open, frank, and informative about sex - ...more

See Where the Good Goes

There are so many great organizations out there that it is often hard to choose who to support. I believe if I can give a little to campaigns that are close to my heart such as St. Baldrick’s or Relay for Life- then I can help those organizations get one step closer to their goal. As we all know, a little bit goes a long way. Especially in other countries....more

L.A. Area Mom Bloggers Needed for Habitat for Humanity

If you live within driving distance of Los Angeles then I am looking for you. I have teamed up with the P.R. agency for Habitat for Humanity L.A. to coordinate a “Mom Blogger Build.” We just ask that you: - are a mom & - have a blog You would have to provide your own transportation to and from the site....more

Touchless Faucet Helps Ease This Germaphobes Fears

I am very... aware of germs. One would think that I could actually see them.If I'm in the kitchen handling chicken, I can just feel the salmonella, the e coli or whatever fatal germs liveon raw meat. Then to go to the sink and touch the faucet? After I wash my hands I have to wash the faucet- just for good measure. I wouldn't want anyone getting sick....more