A Different Kind of Fitness Journey

Recently, a couple of co-workers and I decided to embark on a new journey. A journey not too typical of the average woman looking to incorporate a little exercise into her everyday routine.  We have decided to seriously train for an upcoming fitness competition here in Texas (fitness, not bodybuilding).  This idea did not just come on a whim. We were trying to set a goal bigger than just toning our biceps or losing 5 pounds, which, by the way, I cannot afford to lose!...more

Getting Healthy Part 3... Take a Walk!

In addition to the change in diet we have implemented as a family, the hubby has sold us on the idea of taking a walk around the neighborhood park every night after dinner.  The purpose is three-fold:  to incorporate movement in our daily routine, to walk off any extra calories, and most importantly, to exhaust the little one into an early bedtime. And don’t misunderstand, my 3 year old is not normal, he can stay up all night long if we let him. He is still unusually alert at 2am. Anyway, walking around a lake and feeding the ducks for an hour really helps tire him out....more

You and your family are getting healthy and active. I'm sure you've already heard of the First ...more

Getting Healthy Part 2... Snack Time!

    Over the past few days, the fam and I have been implementing this new way of eating I discussed on my last post “Getting Healthy”-http://www.blogher.com/getting-healthy-0.   We decided to start exclusively eating uncooked fruits, veggies, 100% fruit juices, nuts, yogurts, and other great alternatives to unhealthy snacks.  We may have to cheat a little this weekend and grill or bake because of the holiday. ...more

Getting Healthy

If I had it my way, my diet would consist of fruits, vegetables, chicken (grilled or baked), seafood, water with 3 slices of lemon, and various nuts.  Man, that would be great! But, alas, I have 2 sons and a husband to feed, who enjoy more than the plethora of nuts and berries I like. Recently, I have started to change the foods we eat....more

Bargain Shopping...What a Thrill!

Why do I get that overwhelming urge to visit my favorite discount clothier, TJ Maxx, or my fave resale shop, Clothes Mentor? I’ve literally had to fight myself, in my mind of course, not to go shopping for the last couple of months. But why is that fight so hard? Why do I NEED to go shopping? I have tons of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. Well, maybe it’s not a need, but more of a challenge. I love getting a great deal. It’s such a rush to find that high quality, super expensive item for mere pennies on the dollar....more

I'm loving the $2 tanks we bought today. A couple for me, a couple for TW, a couple for RJ, a ...more

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

What is it about a clean home, eucalyptus spearmint wafting from the nearby outlet (courtesy of Bath & Body Works’ Wallflower) and two quiet children off doing their own thing upstairs, that makes me so… restless! I feel like I should be doing something, other than doing nothing.  That’s crazy, right? Having a few moments to myself to do absolutely nothing and feel oh, so wrong about it. How many times have I longed for ten minutes of peace and quiet during times of chaos? Did I really want that or was the idea of it so appealing....more

What’s Holding You Back?

When we think about the things we want to accomplish in our lives, there always seems to be a big ol’ “but” involved. “I want get a house, but my credit is too bad” or “I want to go back to school, but I don’t have time” or “I want to get that promotion, but I don’t have enough experience.” My goal is to change that “but” into “so”. And that “so” must be my action plan. Once I give myself an action, I will challenge myself do it. I want become free of my credit card debts, so I’m going to create a 12 month repayment plan....more

Hiding in Our Virtual Worlds

In light of the recent so-called “news”, there have been many high-profile celebs, politicians, etc. who have been the focus of social networking scandals. I’m sure there have been millions of regular, non-celeb types who have been caught up in social networking entanglements as well.  Why are these virtual worlds so contagious, so tempting, so dangerous! People are literally ruining their lives and the lives of their families, giving in to these quasi worlds....more

While watching 20/20, they profiled a story of this young guy, who met a woman on FB. They spent ...more

Coupon Insanity!

My mind has absolutely been blown away! I am sitting here watching “Extreme Couponing” on TLC with my mouth wide open.  These women (and a few men) dedicate their lives… I’m not exaggerating… to collecting coupons and spending close to nothing at the grocery store.  I watched one lady spend 1 cent for $600 worth of food! Are. You. Kidding. Me! So, as I’m watching, I’m online searching the web for those special couponing sites that help you build a strategy when going to the grocery store. My head is already spinning....more

I'm proof too that with very minimal amounts of time you get oriented, organized, and on budget ...more

Finding My Way

Sometimes, in our journey through wife and motherhood, we lose sight of who we are. Our dreams get lost in the thousands of diapers we change. Our hopes for ourselves get lost in the dinners we make. Our aspirations are placed on the shelf right next to that Dr. Seuss book.  We have such high hopes for ourselves when we are single or just dating. “No one will get in my way!”, we shout to the world. Then we meet the one we are to marry. “I’ll just put graduate school off for a year or two”, we say....more

So happy to see that you're back to blogging again. And, I'm super ecstatic that you've ...more