Why I Hate Back-to-School: A Rant

I just returned from dropping off enrollment forms at my daughter's kindergarten. For the second time since early enrollment in May. Apparently, they're afraid we might have moved in two months and thus shouldn't be eligible to attend my girl's public school. And this leads me into my rant about schools in this country. ...more

And we are lucky we live in an area with an excellent school district. I do agree with you ... more


Hello Everyone, My name is Sandy and I the mother of four amazing children. My husband recently granted me the one wish that I have always wanted since I became a mother and that is ablitiy to stay at home with my children.  I am officially now a stay at home mom. I have now been at home with my children for the past 41 days! What did I get myself into? It has been more difficult that I thought going from a corporate mom to a stay at home mom. Wish me luck. Sandy http://www.time4mom.net

Freedom's Just Another Word For Controlling Your Ovaries, Inside Or Out

So here's a question that almost certainly falls into the category of Soliciting Too Much Information: what kind of birth control do you use? More specifically, what kind of birth control do you use if you're a woman of a certain age - a woman, say, who is probably mostly she thinks done having children - and doesn't want to return to the pill? ...more

*I* wanted to be the one who took permanent measures because pregnancy was so difficult for ... more

The School Lunch Dilemma

It's almost that time of year and once again I'm torn between wanting the kids to buy school lunches and wanting them to take sack lunch. It's a problem and it's always been a problem. On one hand, it's so much easier to send the kids to school with lunch money (or with money on their lunch account) than it is to make sure there are sack lunch appropriate foods in the house every school day. On the other hand, do they really need more junk food like pizza and cheese fries or to pay for a hot lunch they won't eat? What to do, what to do, what to do... what will your family do?

Traveling Mom = Uncaring Mom?

The first time I had to leave my son overnight was difficult. He was eight months old and I had to attend an advocacy trip in Washington, DC for my job. I traveled to New York from Atlanta so that my mother could take care of him. I was nursing at the time and carried as much expressed milk as possible on the trip and also took along some formula for good measure. Although giving him formula was a rarity, I had to ensure that my mother was prepared in the event that my milk ran out. ...more

My husband and I get away a few times a year and our children go stay with my mom or she ... more

Finally on here!

Well, I've been blogging for a while but I am just now getting connected on BlogHer!  Any tips? My name is Erin and I am the SAHM of two boys, 3 and 1.  My hubby will be starting his second year of medical school this year so that makes things even more interesting!  We live in the Midwest and LOVE it! Excited to meet all of you!


Two books just moved to the top of my To Read queue. Free Range Kids by Lenore Skenazyand Last Child Out of the Woods by Richard Louv. Let me tell you why: my goal this year as a mother is to conquer my fear of allowing my child to roam, explore, and basically, be out of my sight for longer than 60 seconds. ...more

My oldest is 13 and I still worry when I send him off into the world. My youngest is 4 and ... more

New to Blogher

Hi I am Amy a SAHM from South Dakota. I have three girls 3, 6, & 8. I am pretty new to blogging. I started my first blog in February. It is girlfriendsgetreal.blogspot.com. It is my faith journey. I have a second family blog that I am still working on getting going. I have some good ideas, but need to get it all worked out. I am happy I found blogher. I can't wait to get to know all of you!