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Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver is Not Fun

This is what happened when a drunk 20-something-year-old female slammed into the back of my rental car while I sat at a red light Saturday night. Because of a young woman's irresponsible behavior and reckless choices, I spent the early morning hours today strapped in an uncomfortable neck brace in the emergency room as my back and shoulders were poked and prodded for broken bones.I had to stand uncomfortably in an x-ray booth wearing a lead apron over my 23-week pregnant belly, trusting that the exposure wouldn't be too much for Bug....more

You wrote about the experience so vividly, my heart lurched. I am glad it wasn't worse, but so ... more

Announcing Childcare at BlogHer '11

We, along with our sponsor, Samsung Mobile, are proud to announce childcare at BlogHer '11 in San Diego! ...more

That Samsung Mobile is coming into this -- I hear they're doing some very cool things for the ... more

Exclusive: Backstage at Dancing with the Stars and Chelsea Kane

Last week, you may have noticed I did not post a Dancing with the Stars recap. (At least I hope so...where my faithful recappers at!?) I had the best of reasons: I was actually on a quick plane trip down to Los Angeles to attend the Dancing with the Stars results show, and even better/ I was off to interview one of the front-runners: Chelsea Kane....more

I'm with Jenifer -- this kinda makes me want to get cable. Sounds like an amazing show, and a ... more

On Warped Beauty Standards, and Embracing the Buff

I could see veins bulge in my neck, under the bar, and I imagined myself with tree-trunk legs and a stumpy She-Ra neck, terrifying gas station attendants and maitre ds who worried secretly that I'd crush them with my dangerous girth. I was worried my muscles would take away my femininity, I'd be totally bereft of any womanly appeal. (Photo not me) ...more

I let Crystal know about the pic via an email to the box -- I know it was shared with some of ... more

Walking for Water

When you turned on the tap today to get a drink of water, did you think twice about it?  I know I usually don't.  It's easy to think that water is abundant and everlasting because of the ease in which it flows from our taps. Truth is, only about 1% of our Earth's water is drinkable and almost a billion people on this planet are without access to clean, safe drinking water.  Even worse, every week almost 38,000 children under 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. When I mentioned that fact to my 10-year old he thought I was joking for sure. ...more

It's true, it deserves more attention as an issue.

And every week 38,000 children under 5 ... more

Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo

Angie of Home Grown on Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo   Text Ed 101September 29, 2010 9:00 am by Angie_HomeGrown ...more

I have to admit right here: I do not know what "kk" is, though it keeps showing up in my text ... more

Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo

Kim of Mama Fasha on Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo   ...more

I remember my parents reading my angst laden written journals when I was 15 - so I don't think I ... more

Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo

Melissa of The Polkadot Chair on Decoding Your Teen’s Texting Lingo   ...more

I don't think the language of texting is damaging to our kids -- it's just the modification of ... more

Give the BlogHer Posts You Love a Little Extra Sparkle

You know how sometimes you read a post and you really want to comment, but you just don't have time? And then there are other posts that you really enjoyed reading and you'd like to say so -- but you aren't sure what to say in the comment box? You can Tweet the posts you like or you can share them to your Facebook wall. But sometimes you just want to do something else ... ...more

Love this, because I am one of those people who always wants to comment but fear I don't have ... more