The Ferguson Case Goes Way Beyond What Happened at the Police Car

Yes. I have given Officer Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, considered that his version of events may be true. And yes, I did read Darren Wilson's Grand Jury testimony about the killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. I read it because I like to read documents first-hand and not have network talking heads or biased prosecutor Bob McCulloch tell me what to think. ...more
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Twitter's Tripping Over Raven-Symoné 's "Colorless" Comments

Actress Raven-Symoné recently declared herself "colorless" to Oprah Winfrey, saying she didn't want to be labeled as African-American, or as gay. Oprah, great mother to the misguided, tried to warn Symoné that she'd take some heat for her assertion, but the younger woman didn't care. ...more
powermove7 Nobody talked about Raven's family in this piece. Are you going around trying to do ...more

13 Years of Lessons Since 9/11

In 2001, I lived in New Jersey. I was married with two children who were not yet on their own, one in middle school and one at Rutgers University. My only sibling, a brother seven years younger than I, lived not too far from me in Staten Island. He worked in New York as a loss prevention manager at Macy's. Every work morning, he took the subway that traveled under the Twin Towers. Our parents remained in New Orleans, where we grew up. ...more
Beautiful article! I always try to live in the present, learn from my mistakes and hope that I ...more

Ferguson and Voter Suppression

I suspect St. Louis County, Missouri, has a voter suppression problem....more
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Just Add a Kid T-Shirt: My Last Post on "Black People Are Monkeys" (I Hope)

I hope this will be the last thing I ever write about the history of White people portraying Black people as monkeys, but unfortunately, at some point I'll probably have to write something on this topic again. This racist insult repeats, repeats, repeats. ...more
Oh, and do a google search with "Bush" and "monkey" and you find just as many results. What does ...more

Dear Pecola and Claudia, Shirley Temple Is Dead

I just heard about Shirley Temple Black's death. I am an African-American woman who associates the child star with my childhood. Apparently she passed away last night, Monday, February 10, on my birthday. At age 85, she was almost 30 years older than I am now, born one year later than my mother. But in my mind, she's still around 6 years old, the symbol of a sweet little girl who can make it through any crisis. ...more
I have actually never seen a Shirley Temple movie. We didn't have cable, so I didn't see ...more

Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton: Watching the GOP Run With Scissors

As if Mike Huckabee's "Uncle Sugar"-and-the-female-libido comment weren't bad enough last week, Republican Sen. Rand Paul kicked off this week with another disturbing comment related to women....more
That's a desperate stretch. She didn't watch Bill with Lewinsky. She simply stayed with her ...more

Ask a Slave? Actor Faces History with Comic Flair (Video)

Though some people would like to rewrite history and teach otherwise, America's first president George Washington and other "founding fathers" were slave holders. In an amusing and educational web series Ask A Slave, actor and writer Azie Mira Dungey uses humor and a good bit of spunk to enlighten her viewers on what being a slave was like. ...more
Loved it. She used satire and spunk to teach history. Her answer to "How did you get your job?" ...more

J. K. Rowling Book Rejected at First: Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

The UK Telegraph reports, "Publishers have been left red-faced after discovering that they rejected the latest novel by J. K. Rowling, one of the world’s best-selling writers." Apparently, the Harry Potter author has written a crime novel under the pen name Robert Galbraith, but despite her book, The Cuckoo's Calling, receiving good reviews while Rowling remained in anonymous, the novel hasn't been selling so well. Fewer than 500 copies had moved prior to the Rowling reveal, the paper says. ...more
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In New Orleans, Too Many of Us Know Victims of Gun Violence (Video)

On Mother's Day morning, I found the Sunday edition of the New Orleans Times Picayune on my lawn. The picture here shows that day's front page. The headline of the feature story on the left reads, "Mothers talk about losing a child to violence." For many readers this is already yesterday's news, overshadowed later that Mother's Day by another mass shooting injuring 20 people, but as a resident of New Orleans, I can't simply shelve it away and move on....more
Please help us! We are a group of teens from New Orleans who want to help stop the violence! We ...more