Nordette Adams is a published poet and fiction writer who grew up in New Orleans, LA, moved away at 20, and returned in 2007. During her lifetime, she's worked as a journalist for weekly newspapers in Georgia and New Jersey and written articles for regional magazines. She's also been a public relations specialist for a government facility in South Carolina where she ghost-wrote white papers and trade articles for environmental engineers, penned scripts, and produced documentaries. Later,, she worked at a New Jersey telecommunications company as a technical writer.  Today, however, the poet is focused on her life as a poet.

In 2013, at the invitation of Louisiana's former State Poet Laureate Julie Kane, Nordette participated in "Just Listen to Yourself" at the Louisiana State Library. More recently she discovered that some of her poems are being used by schools in America and abroad for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events, social justice studies, and final exams. Nordette has been a contributing editor at since 2006.,  You are invited to visit her personal blog, Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?