Marriage, Divorce and 'Parenthood:' Come ON, Joel and Julia

**Spoiler Alert: You might not want to read this if you aren’t current with Parenthood episodes**...more
Everything about this was perfection! So glad I am not the only one who thinks it escalated too ... more

10 Questions for Canadian Woman With Surprise Birth of a Full-Term Baby

There are many complicated things about baby-making and baby-having. It's a pretty consuming ride, from the point that you decide you want to have a baby allllllll the way through to the day that you finally have said baby, sometimes with months and years and tears and worries and adoption and other things all leading up to that one great day, when, AT LAST: BABY....more
I was always a skeptic too but then it happened to my cousin about a year ago. We interviewed ... more

I'm Pregnant, Not Deaf: 5 Witty Comebacks to Stupid Questions

Read the original post here: Have you ever met someone who didn't think before talking, and just spilled any comment out of their mouth, regardless of the impact it would have on others? Well, it seems that more people turn into this when they meet a pregnant woman. Allow me to elaborate... ...more
Too funny!!! And so true! more

Permission To Be You

The road to self-acceptance can be a rocky one with lots of twists and turns. When I think back to some of the paths I attempted as a teen I kind of cringe. In her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson got some help on that path thanks to her father, a turkey named Jenkins, and an incident in the public school library....more
Wow this post hit home to me. It gave me a "aha" moment! "When you put me in a room full of ... more

What is Your Confidence Wig?

There are days when we all need a little help -- a confidence boost. When we are in a situation that makes us nervous or anxious a little thing can make big difference. Jenny Lawson has found things that help deal with her anxiety disorder. She documents many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and one of my favorites is something that we can all do in our own way -- confidence wigs. ...more
Heels. I never wear them but when I do they make me feel more attractive and give my booty a ... more

Bowls Versus Trash Cans

When you begin sharing your life with someone, you discover differences in family traditions. Sometimes they are foreseeable and other times they take you by surprise. Jenny Lawson recounts many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, including the time she discovered she had been sitting on couches wrong....more
As kids we were a trash can family. Now that I have my own family we are also trash can people. ... more

Considering What Unites Us

While I read Alex George's A Good American I thought a lot about what it means to belong -- to a church, a town, a country, a family. Frederick didn't belong to Jette's social strata, so they had to leave their homeland in order to be together. When they reach America, they do not end up in the town they intended to settle in, but they put down roots there....more
My main community has to be my family. And I am talking my extended family. With my ... more

The Redemptive Power of Song

We've discussed how music plays a big role in Alex George's A Good American when we talked about how he described Jette's life as an opera. It's more than that the family just liked music, it was woven into the fabric of their lives. It was what they used to learn about themselves and about life. ...more
I am the opposite of you. I have music playing constantly. My husband and kids are the same way. ... more

What's Your Favorite Funny Childhood Memory?

In between laughing at Jenny Lawson's recounting of her childhood memories in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, I found myself comparing it to my own childhood. We didn't have raccoons in the bathtub, but my uncle totally had a raccoon for awhile. Alas, no one thought to make it jams. It did make me remember a few other childhood memories, particularly those involving wild animals....more
I remember as a kid my Pops bringing these crawdad looking things. Of course he decided that our ... more

Is Your Life an Opera?

In Alex George's A Good American music is important to the lives of the characters and is integral to the plot. Jette and Frederick meet when he serenades her in a park. They find help in New Orleans from someone that Frederick met through music. This same man will come back into their lives and greatly impact their future. Frederick and Jette's sons and grandsons are all singers....more
My life would be a really good pop punk song (think new found glory, simple plan) starts off fun ... more