SEO and United Airlines

SEO or search engine optimization is generally considered the god of the Internet, specifically Google. Companies and brands for years have focused on maximizing SEO and keywords to bring their website higher up in Google’s search rankings. This is a fancy way of saying that companies want to be on the first page of Google’s results when a potential customer types certain keywords into the search box.  Companies need to spend time and thought into what key words they want to represent them online....more

Wordless Wednesday - THE Mona Lisa painting

Charlie was so not impressed.Elizabeth@texasebeth  and My Life, such as it is.......more

Grad School Personal Statement

I struggled with writing this. I have never been verbose in my writing – totally weird right? I am much more of a verbal storyteller or oral historian....more

Not Being Promoted - Conversations with Charlie

Report cards came home with students the last day of school. I looked at Charlie’s and pretty much saw what I expected, A’s and 2 B’s. Charlie, however, had a totally different perspective. In case you didn’t know, my son is extremely literal.Charlie – Bad news Mommy. I didn’t get promoted, I won’t be in 4th grade!Me – Huh? What are you talking about? You are going to the 4th grade next year....more

First and Last Day of Third Grade

I was not able to get this posted Friday which was the last day of school. Charlie is now officially a 4th grader! I am so proud of my little man. He has really grown up in so many different ways over the past year.  Elizabeth...more

A wedding, water park, camping and the ER

Sounds like the opening line to a really bad joke doesn’t it?  Unfortunately the punch line was on me! Oy! What a weekend.It started out fabulous. Saturday was Scout Day at Schlitterbahn in Galveston. The Pack made plans to go and then camp out at Galveston Island State park for our spring overnight camping trip. Everything was perfect!...more

Only this could happen with Max & Ruby

Why do these type of things only happen to me? Seriously.I took Max and Ruby for grooming. We leave Petsmart and while they are sniffing the exact same spot Max lifts his leg and pees. Unfortunately since Ruby was sniffing the EXACT same spot her head was right where Max peed.Neither dog noticed or seemed to care.*SIGH*Elizabeth...more
texasebeth Denisethat's pretty cool of them.more

"Good Grief" by Granger Westberg

Good Grief, by Granger Westberg, was recommended to me by our pastor when Robert was hospitalized for the final time. I didn’t read it until this past winter....more

Wordless Wednesday - Fairy Houses at EPCOT

We saw the cutest fairy houses in the butterfly garden at EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival....more

Feeding the Birds

I have 4 bird feeders in my backyard. I love watching the birds and squirrels. So do Charlie and the dogs. We have cardinals, blue jays, yellow finches, and even green parrots from Mexico visit our bird feeders. And the usual sparrow, doves, and grackles.Bird food isn’t cheap.  My birds are greedy and odd. They empty the bird feeders in a very specific order, despite what order I fill them....more