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Hello Girlfriends,  I'm Tina Soriano also go by Tee,  my passion is a... read more

Tina Soriano


Hello Girlfriends,  I'm Tina Soriano also go by Tee,  my passion is a great one. I talk all about love.  Love of self and others being our best free blessing and gift.  Unfortunately I was the girl who needed to "Snap Out Of It!" with the choices I made in my love life.  I've always had an entrepreneuial spirit and high aspirations but what I know interferred was my strong desire for a life long love partner but rather than choose correctly for myself I chose wrong, loved harder to try to get it to work out and poof life went by unfulfilled in my greatest desire, love, not to mention the distraction of being loved less by staying lead to my not focusing on my brilliant, creative side.  I lived a life less.  My passion and life's experiences, God's wisdom to me in my depths of despair, tons of books read, and a deep desire to share how truly simple it is to have this true love daily, is my why behind every word I write.  I want you, any woman, to know what I know, have a beautiful blessed love by simply getting out of their own way.  Learn it now or when you finally have to when you realize one day you didn't really live the life of love you highly desired. Through my book, "Girlfriend Please! Snap Out Of It! He's Not Worth It!, I hope to bring an awareness to women of any age the reality of how to find TRUE LOVE and HAPPINESS.  My blogs reveal all of my painful life lessons where I share the truth about true love.  The icing on the cake to this passion and sales of my book is, a donation will be made from each sale towards various animal shelters.  I love our four legged friends! 

 "Girlfriend Please! Snap Out Of It! He's Not worth it!    Released October 2009! www.snapoutofitgirlfriend.com

 It's a great little gift book with snap band included. As women we've either suffered through a broken heart or have consoled a friend who has endured a broken heart by a man who was never to our worth.  Snap to it, Girlfriend! You're worth it! 

The Search for Happiness Begins in the Mirror

Peace in Love, XO Tina Soriano