NieNie On The Today Show: Any Challenge Can Be Overcome

As we in the United States approach the Thanksgiving holiday we are mindful of opportunities to express our gratitude for those blessings in our lives big or small. Some among us give thanks for the one thing we all have in common which is both basic and all-encompassing: We are alive. ...more

Wow! talk about having things to be thankful for.

Praise God for your recovery, thank ... more

Five great ways to use your photographs as holiday gifts

Since I spend almost every day of every year photographing at least something, around this time every year, I'm always torn between buying gifts for people, or actually using the huge archive of images that I have at my disposal to give meaningful gifts to friends and family.  And so this year, as I start to do a little research for the types of gifts that I'm considering giving, I thought I'd share some of my finds with you....more


Just so you know I read about your upcoming book in 2010. It ... more