Why Baby Brain is Total Bull

What if Buying a Pizza Was Like Buying a Car?

My own personal version of Hell might just look like a car dealership. Buying a car is the only situation that I can think of where you start at one price, only to be haggled UP by the person selling to you. Somehow, the salesman always makes you feel like you are at their mercy - like you are so woefully undeserving of the car that you are trying to purchase, and they are just doing you a favor by trying to take your money. When else would we allow ourselves to be treated this way? How would it be if restaurants operated like this?...more

Two Beings, One Body

A Letter to Kid Me: Everyone is Their Own Kind of Weirdo

A friend of a friend has started a web site meant to help inspire the next generation of women toward self empowerment. Take It From Us collects letters from women to their younger selves, letters filled with advice, insight, and perspective from life beyond youth....more

40 Weeks of Fun: 20 Advantages of Being Pregnant

Having been pregnant for a little more than 17 weeks now, just a few weeks from the halfway mark, I've been through the nausea, the mood swings, and all of the other typical pregnancy pains you might imagine. I know from my fellow mamas and mamas-to-be that though times have been a bit trying now and then, in reality, I ain't seen nothin' yet. ...more
elliejklein Members can't add images to the story tile teasers -- those are only available to ...more

Amaretto Ice Cream With Liquor Poached Pecans and Hazelnut Swirl

My baby sister, Caitlin, turned twenty one this past weekend.  Being the youngest of four girls, we three elders knew that we had to pull out all the stops for her coming of age celebration....more

We're having such crazy hot weather (even hotter than usual) this summer, that all I want is ice ...more