The SpokenCoast Project: Wheelie bag donation request

Originally published May 23, 2011 on body feels much like the cracked plastic of my truck’s blinker light this morning. At least I could easily buy the truck part & replace it. Not so much with my shoulder & neck.  ...more

The SpokenCoast Project: Bodies don’t lie...

Made it up to the Clair Tappan lodge today for the Wilderness First Responder course with the Sierra Club.  I wanted to take this course before leaving on the trip so I felt better prepared for a wilderness emergency.  You can never have too many backcountry skills, I’ve found....more

The SpokenCoast Project: Bliss Amongst the Busy

Originally published May 18, 2011 on  ...more

The SpokenCoast Project: Introduction

Yay! I’m finally getting to my first blog post, officially, on the SpokenCoast Project Official Website Extravaganza. We’ve got thrills, chills, & spills lined up for you, folks. Keep comin’ back to see all the magical mystery mayhem that will be jam packed into this site. You’re gonna love it!...more

The SpokenCoast Project -- The Invitation

The last few weeks have been really on the go... Mickey's Final MemorialI went out to Colorado to store my remaining possessions at my dad's house, and also to attend the memorial service for my brother at Beaver Creek, CO, where he worked as a ski instructor for many years. It was much harder than I expected. Maybe it was because the weekend was the last of the ski season there. Maybe it was because all the folks in Mickey's community there were really choked up, and miss him greatly....more

Fear: When your mind & body are not aligned

After Monday's teeth-gnashing about climbing, etc., I decided to do something about the extremely intense emotions that were swirling around my head. I went to a get a psychic reading at a school in San Francisco.A few weeks back I went for a "mini-read", where a lady scanned my belly because I've had a tremendous amount of stomach problems.  The energy shifted was so strong, I could feel it!  The next day my stomach felt great, and my legs which were sore from running felt totally healed. It was incredible....more

Mountains reveal desperation, grief (post cancer death)

Author's note: This blog was originally published on my personal blog, on Monday, April 6th. Mountaineering The last week has been a whirlwind. I've learned a lot about what it takes to climb a mountain. My physical limitations have hit me smack in the face. My pal & I tried to summit Mt. Tallac last Thursday & failed because we both got so wiped out. Then I hiked out to Little Round Top at Carson Pass, but, didn't go all the way because of weather & stamina. ...more

More on cancer grief: letting go, being in the "flow"

I can't begin to describe how amazing my life has become in such a short time. The death of my brother, while hard, has lead to incredible things manifesting in my life. Truth be told, I forgot to mention in my last post that I felt a lot of loneliness this last week. It was that familiar old "woe is me" despair from the last two years. I'd often feel it after returning from a visit with my mom or my brother.  It was me trying to fill a "god-sized hole" with another person, to take the emptiness & loss away. ...more

So glad it helped you, Katy! Thanks for the Tripping site, too. It looks really great. Another ...more

Post-cancer death grief ruminations & life happenings

Life is so rich & full when you're not working. Wow, am I lucky. On Grief  ...more