16 Ways Husband and Child Can Give Mommy a New Twitch


So sad and yet...so true.


Can The Tea Party Deliver On Election Day?

As “Reagan Democrats” abandon the Democratic party in favor of fiscally conservative Republicans in the coming election cycle, they will be making demands that the GOP move their way, towards “the center."  Unfortunately, that’s the mistaken path we took in the 90’s, which left us with RINO’s like George W. Bush and John McCain, and a disillusioned, uninspired voter base.  If any party needs to “move to the center," it’s the Democrats. The defection of Reagan Democrats left the party in the hands of the Radical Left.  ...more

I could not have said it better myself.  Now is the time to stand up and be the party of ... more

Mr. Binks and Mr. Blankie

MOMS - I need your help!Somebody is very attached to his Mr. Binks. So much so that if you ask him where Mr. Binks is, that he hunts it down and shoves it in his mouth. This is, of course, assuming that it isn't already in his mouth....more

I'm assuming that he only just 12 months old?  I would first try with substituting the ... more

Public school, backpacks and lockers (oh my)

My daughter started middle school this year. I'm only exaggerating a little when I tell you that I spent the first two weeks in a permanent clench, memories of my own awkward middle school years washing over me in an unexpected wave of PTSD. But the good news is that she absolutely loves it; she's adjusted well, both academically and socially, and most of my fears, it turns out, were for naught. The only thing she doesn't like about middle school is just about the only area where I never had any sort of problem, back in my day. The issue: Backpacks and lockers. ...more

I agree that sounds a little ridiculous.  In my day(see I do it too!) when I was in ... more

Are you the parent your parents were?

I'm willing to bet good money, or at least some of the fantabulous chocolate cupcakes that I made this evening, that at one point or another during your teen years you swore, or even maybe yelled, that you would never do what your parents did or be like your parents were.Am I right?I attended another one of the preschool mom's meetings today and we touched on the topic of the kinds of parents we want to be. I'd say we covered the topic, but really who could possibly cover such a loaded subject in a mere hour and a half....more

Probably the thing that I value most and want to emulate is my parents approach to ... more

Snowe joines Dems to vote "yes" on health care reform

 Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine was the sole Republican to vote "yes" on the health care reform bill approved this afternoon by a vote of 14 to 9 by the Senate Finance Committee....more

Well as a Republican, I have to say that I was not happy.  Unfortunately we are not in a ... more

CDC: Keep Your Sick Kid Home. Your Boss: Get Your Butt to Work.

It's almost here: flu season, swine or otherwise. As always, the media is seizing on the opportunity to scream PANDEMIC WE WILL ALL DIE, but the truth beneath the hype is this: 'Tis the season for a virus. ...more

Like many of the other posters I was working while my older son was going to daycare from ... more

Stranger Slaps Two Year Old in Walmart

On Monday Roger Stephens allegedly slapped the face of a two-year-old girl four or five times in a Stone Mountain, Georgia Walmart. Mr. Stephens is not a relative or friend of the family. According to the mother he approached her and said “Shut that baby up or I’ll do it for you,” apparently she didn’t heed his warning and after the altercation Mr. Stephens quipped, “I told you I would shut her up.” He is currently being detained without bond and being charged with first-degree cruelty to children. ...more

Well I'd like to say that I would stand up for my child and my son and thank God it has never ... more

Why Pay for Preschool?

It is unreal the social pressures put on families to place their blessed preschool children into institutions.  Families can save money and build their relationships by learning together during the early years.  We did it and have kept right on homeschooling since.  No regrets.  Susan http://www.fun-home-preschool.com

Introduce yourself!

Hi. Introduce yourself and share the number and ages of boys you have with the group. Looking forward to meeting you. I'm Renee (www.mothersraisingboys.com) I have 4 boys ages 9, 6, 3 and 1.