Just joined Blogher! Now how do I add my site?

Just joined Blogher! Now how do I add my site? ...more
Well sure, if you wanna make it look easy ;) Thanks ladies! more

(Introduce Yourself!) Kudos to the working Mommies!

Hello everyone! My name is Kat, and I blog over at The Atomic Mom. I'm pretty new to the working mama circle, and just wanted to stop in to say hello, and introduce myself. I just started working full time last week, when I realized that I could no longer be a SAHM due to our budget. You cen read about that on my blog, but I won't get into it here.

Let's get to know eachother!

My name is Dominique.  I am new to BlogHer.  I have been married for a year and a half and have a 10 month old son.  I am a writer and non-profit organizer going for my master's in education.  And I would love to hear if any of you have some good games, activities or places that will entertain mylittle one and have him experience new things.