Sports Psychology Behind Youth Sports

Lisa LaGrou

Man Caves vs Mom Caves

Lisa LaGrou www.Mommy-Network.comWe've all heard the term Man Caves. My husband has his own man cave in our finished basement that he prefers everyone steer clear of. It's his place to get away, watch his nerdy sports, play guitar and do his work. If our kids get into his things and touch something in his space, he's not the best sport about it....more

We're believers in mom caves too! We've got some great ideas for the busiest mom to the ...more

Anti-bullying Becomes Big Business

Lisa LaGrou

What if there is no funeral?

Lisa LaGrou My mother-in-law phoned my husband recnetly with some sad news about a death on his side of the family. While the actual news of the call wasn't altogether surprising, the outcome was unexpected. I'm going to let my husband tell the story. Here it is:   I have to set this story up with a disclaimer. I have a large extended family....more

OUCARES Annual Family Fun Day supports autism effort

Lisa LaGrou

Training our children's palates with healthy foods

When I first introduced my children to food when they were infants, there was a lot that they truly enjoyed, and none of it had any sugar or salt added. It was all they knew, and they were thrilled. I even made the food myself, and still did not add any seasonings to improve upon the flavor....more

Do special diets help autistic children? Absolutely!

I saw an article with the following headline, dated January 04, 2010: Journal Says No Proof Special Diets Help Autistic ChildrenHaving a child on the autistic spectrum, I can truly attest that this latest finding is infuriatingly shocking to me. I can only guess that it is inconclusive and nobody is willing to make a claim that they can't seem to find any hard proof to back it up with.Here's a portion of the article:...more

Shame on Chuck E. Cheese!-

Has anyone else seen those recent Chuck E. Cheese commercials? They're the ones where the moms are so worried about their kids safety that they become over-protective and can't relax when the kids are out to play. One commercial shows a nervous mom standing at the window looking outside while the kids play on the swingset.  Another shows a mom wrapping her kids up in bubble wrap before they go for a bike ride.Oddly enough, the solution message then enters... take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese where they can have some safe fun....more

Disney offers refunds for Baby Einstein videos

Back in the late 1990s, an mompreneur named Julie Aigner-Clark developed a series of DVDs (Baby Einstein) that would make your baby smarter by stimulating her infant brain. “Studies show that if these neurons are not used, they may die,” the first press release warned ominously. ...more

Keeping kids motivated for back to school ...more