Walking the BlogHer Fashion Show: Anything Is Possible

Ccould I really do it? Could I walk a runway in front of hundreds in New York at the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show, knowing full well I’d be in tears and hating the body I’m supposed to show off and love? Would it be a big lie?...more
Hey I'm a fashion blogger but mine is by no means silly. I try to send the message to all women ...more

Florida Republicans Try to Block First Lady From School

There is just no way this would happen to Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton. First Lady Michelle Obama is not welcome at a local high school in Miami by its Republican school board members. The campaign stop went on as planned at Barbara Goleman Senior High in Miami Lakes despite criticism from local GOP members. The Miami Herald reports:...more
IT GETS ...more

Thank You, Supreme Court, for Upholding the Affordable Care Act

I’m not going to lie ... I was holding my breath. Would my pre-existing condition be covered? Would it ruin our lives forever? Would the millions of us with chronic illness be trapped in this horrible pre-Affordable Care Act hell that meant we paid and paid and paid and lost our homes and worried and worried and worried about how we’d pay and what we’d do if we couldn’t get coverage? ...more
I hope that the village can afford to take care of your children and grandchildren properly. I ...more

Facing Chronic Illness Takes More Than A Soul Mate

Like Mitt and Ann Romney, when my husband Aaron and I cried together at my diagnosis, and did the same things they did. But afterward, we had to do something else: we had to figure out how in the hell we were going to keep a roof over our heads and food in the mouths of our children and ourselves. If Mitt Romney understands auto-immune diseases, why does he want to leave those of us who suffer it out on the street? ...more
 @sarahkate82 There's some myths here I'd like to respectfully dispel. It's not a 'huge tax ...more

Watching President Barack Obama on Twitter at The White House

"In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut, and what ... would you keep?" and with that President Barack Obama kicked off the first ever White House Twitter Townhall, sending his first tweet before fielding 18 questions from Twitter users....more
I was hoping to find out what the President would cut....more

Can the New Lupus Drug Help Me?

To add to my sexiness as of late, I am now a hunchback. Lovely. Of course that would be the only tale I don't know very well, so I should probably read it... or watch the Disney version. I'm guessing it didn't have anything to do with a woman on the ass-end of her 30's struggling with Lupus, did it? No... okay. ...more
I have been on Benlysta for about 8 weeks now and am thrilled with it!  If you check out my blog ...more

Look Down: I'm in the Wheelchair

I didn't send out our Holiday cards this year. There were about 400 million reasons, from my hand cramping while trying to write your address to me just being lazy. But I'm sort of mad I didn't, because I need you to see me. See me as I am. As I am, right now, if I need to do anything that would require more than a walk around the block. I need you to see me in a wheelchair. ...more

One of my dearest friends in this life had RA. There were times, especially if we went to a ...more

The Day I Understood My Grandmother's Pain

I look back now and realize the similarities. Her very round, rosy cheeks. The fingers she could not straighten. The endless hours of sitting next to her while she rested. My grandfather's devotion to her, getting her whatever she wanted and needed despite years upon years of trials and tribulations, the reality of marriage. A similarity in which I would normally find comfort sends chills down my spine. Similarities I hope will end soon. ...more

Lupus runs in my family too. My NaNa had it. It mostly caused inflammation in her veins ...more

On Lupus and the Spoon Theory

Spoons. Spoons from across the world arrived in my mailbox today. I wept. It is hard for me to put into words what this means to me. Some of you are probably saying... spoons? Erin... what the hell? ...more

And when I was diagnosed a bunch of people sent it to me... nwo I know. Now I am. ...more

Getting Emotional Over Stem Cells (UPDATED After Claims of an HIV Cure)

Editor's Update: Researchers report an HIV-positive man known as "the Berlin Patient" is believed to be cured of his HIV infection due to a stem-cell transplant he received in 2007. Though the patient's circumstances are unusual, this claim of a medical breakthrough got us thinking a lot about Erin's very heartfelt take on stem cell research from last year. What's your take on the news and the research? Has it changed since last year? ...more

In fact, this patient's HIV cure was from donated stem cells, not embryonic.

So this update ...more