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Was Obama To Blame For The Gym Murders In Pittsburgh?

The online journals of George Sodini, the gunman that entered a Pittsburgh gym and killed four women last Tuesday, have not only revealed a deeply troubled misogynist but also pointed to an emerging trend that has arised since the Obama presidency: Blame the Brother. ...more

Blaming Obama for crimes others committed is ridiculous. It's not so easy.

It's like ... more

FOUND YOU! Who I am and how I tracked you down.

WHO I AM: I always struggle with introductions. When I worked in the United States, I introduced myself to interviewers by describing my professional life, things I accomplished at different employers, skills I had technically and socially. When I arrived in Sweden last year and began interviewing here, I would start out with the same sort of information, but potential employers would stop me. They wanted to know who I am, they wanted to know about my family and things I did for fun. ...more