My Husband Won't Support My Dreams

My husband is in the Army, and is currently living 1,800 miles away from me while he trains for his upcoming deployment. In the meantime, I've been in the process of chasing a dream and starting my own business over the last year. It's been slow, tedious work, but I'm finally getting liftoff and gaining momentum. Each time I call and excitedly tell him about the good news, he pisses all over my joy. He'll get skeptical and cynical, and ask about the worst-case scenario, and offer a halfhearted, "Uh…well, congratulations…" It's heartbreaking. I love him to death, but I'm on the brink of doing something amazing and need his support and encouragement. Help! ...more
It can disappointing when the ones you love aren't as gung-ho as you are. A friend shared this ... more

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Find The Perfect Black Bathing Suit for Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Are you ready for bathing suit season? I am not, but that doesn't mean I'm not bathing suit shopping! What's my go-to for a day at the beach? A black two-piece swimsuit. Herewith: my choices for this season. 1. ...more

I LOVE LE's swimsuits! They're flattering, they're not overpriced (especially since they have ... more

Are Online Relationships Real?

I heard a bigoted conversation whilst travelling yesterday. It was two people ridiculing the advent of social media in the life of one of their friends and how ‘stupid’ this absent friend was to regard some of her online cohorts as ‘friends’. This got me thinking because, I must admit, 18 months ago I may have shared a little (just a little) of the same view. Not about technology per se, in which I am well versed, but the whole thing of ‘online friends’....more

I read somewhere the other day that people online (the bloggy buddies you meet, strangers who ... more

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It's the biggest little comedy of the year. In 3D like you've never gnome....more

I have to say Juliet - the ninja outfit just sold me!
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Play for Laughs Week 20

Glad you got the video of grampa snoring during the wedding - you're the best sis. more

Play for Laughs week 11

"Arr they matey, what thar be wrong with yer ears?" more

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A photo walk - she's been working her little camera into overtime and would love to explore a ... more

Play for Laughs week 4

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