Babywearing Works For Me

For keeping my hands free and my babies close and calm, babywearing is just right for me as a mom. ...more
Did it for 3 years and loved every second. But I have also known moms who tried it with a lot of ...more

The Real Scoop on Pregnancy and Parenting after Infertility or Loss

One thing that really resonated with me was about having very little in common with other parents. I have felt that a lot. I cannot stand how some parents (not YOU) treat their children with so little respect and ungratefulness. I am all about complaining when complaining is warranted, and hard-won children are still hard. Especially those that are “spirited” and born with very strong opinions and NEVER SLEEP, EVEN NOW.) But I know some parents who always act like their children are inconveniences. ...more

The "At Least" Test for Commenting

I comment on a lot of blogs. I like to leave comments because I like to get comments. (And that makes it sound like I leave comments in order to get comments. No. I leave comments because I like comments so I figure that you like comments too.) I used to be able to leave more comments than I can now. I think my New Year’s blog resolution this year will to leave more comments and to spread them around a little bit better. (Like your blog. That I have been meaning to comment on for AGES! I read it, I really do.) ...more
What a lovely post! I agree wholeheartedly with you and many of the comments. I too love ...more